This week is the 65th Anniversary of the ordination of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and somehow that made three Catholic stories jumped out a me.

A very interesting interview with Archbishop Gänswein on Pope Benedict:

Later on, he also says he would sum up Benedict’s papacy with the word Veritas. He says: “It is about the fact that truth became man in Christ, that is for him [Benedict] the great theme of his life which reappeared again and again throughout his life in different variations and in different forms.” Gänswein adds that Benedict’s pontificate had “strengthened the Church in her foundations,” concluding with the words: “That will remain.”

A lot of times in the back and forth about the world we forget that in the end this fact is all that matters.

Yesterday Pope Francis & Pope Emeritus appeared together and I think the most significant part of the story was this:

Francis has recently dismissed new questions about the implications of Benedict’s resignation by insisting that there is only one pope — himself — and that Benedict had pledged his obedience to him on the day he resigned.

He told reporters this weekend he felt that Benedict “had my back” and was continuing to help the church through his prayers. He added he had heard that Benedict had even chastised some nostalgic faithful who were complaining about the “new pope.”

I may not know what the Holy Spirit is doing but I have faith that he does.

Finally here is a story about Francis that the MSM has left alone

The Vatican is summoning the heads of two more female religious orders so they can explain their “public dissent” from Church teaching.

The most recent communities to be summoned are the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ) and the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM). The Vatican’s concern in both communities involves their dissent from Church teaching.

When Benedict did this the MSM was up in arms, I guess this one is just too hard for the media to spin Francis on this so they just let it be.

PM Jim Hacker: Who knows foreign office secrets besides the Foreign Office?

Bernard Woosley: That’s easy, only the Kremlin.

Yes Prime Minister A victory for Democracy 1987

Given the reports of everyone and their mother hacking the wide open Hillary Clinton Servers I found this headline via Memeorandum really funny:


And apart from all of America’s enemies they haven’t been seen.

It’s also worth noting that the title of the AP story has been changed to include the word “private



Speaking of things that the Clintons don’t want public:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former president Bill Clinton on a private plane parked on the tarmac of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport Tuesday.

A source tipped off local Phoenix affiliate ABC15 to the meeting. Clinton was reportedly notified that Lynch would be landing in Phoenix soon and waited in order to meet her. The entire meeting lasted about 30 minutes.

While I am certainly not surprised at the idea that a Corrupt administration’s corrupt AG is meeting with a Corrupt ex president over the investigation of his corrupt wife however, given the investigations going on concerning Mrs. Clinton one might think that the campaign might be worried about the appearance of such a meeting to those voters not already convinced of their corruption. to the voters. Fortunately for the Democrat candidate it is not only highly unlikely that any voter believe Hillary Clinton is not corrupt but it’s already been established that the Democrat base has no objection to corruption when practiced by members of their party.

In fact given that journalist act like the whole thing is a joke why would not NOT coordinate no matter how corrupt it might be?

Exit Question: Has it occurred that the Unsecure Clinton Email Server is a perfect excuse for the Obama administration for every security and foreign policy failure of their first four years? I predict that it will not be long before Obama apologists explain away their foibles thus: “Well if our enemies didn’t have Secretary Clinton’s email they would not have so effectively countered us.”

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