What I’m Up to This Weekend

by baldilocks

Too much sorrow in the world. I want to take a break from it…at least today.

I won’t be grilling this weekend for three reasons: 1) I live in an apartment, 2) I lost my grill and smoker, and 3) my stove is still not connected to the gas source in my apartment.

A few months back, however, I bought an electric burner and replaced my lost crockpot. So I’m finding new ways to cook entrées using that method. They come out pretty good if I follow directions. Plus, it’s impossible to overcook anything with a crockpot—unless you fall asleep and don’t hear the pot’s alarm. And, usually, the pleasant aroma will wake me up anyway.

Plan for Monday: chili. Might have to buy ready-made cornbread.

I’m saving up my pennies for new pots and pans. Especially lamented from my storage loss are three cast-iron skillets which belonged to my matrilineal great-grandmother. Replacing those is a longer-term goal.

Coffee Mugs
Rescued these. How I drink my coffee most mornings.

I was fortunate enough to retrieve my great-aunt’s china and some of the glassware—though not all the latter.

Other musings:

At the end of July, I will end my relationship with my small POD publisher who provides the gateway to get copies of my novel printed and gets them to Amazon and other booksellers. I have no complaints about the publisher, but it’s an economic decision; I can do it easier without the middle-man. Having greater control over my work is a significant issue as well.

So, until the 31st, I have a goal of selling one autographed paperback copy per day of Tale of Tigers: Love is Not Game. (Relax, guys. It isn’t a romance novel.) Be advised, in order to get it autographed, you have to buy it from my blog and not through Amazon.  Go here and click on the book cover on the left.

Meanwhile, I continue to piece together, rethink and rewrite my new novel. Interesting factor: I found a number of old writings—up to 30 years in age—and am copying them to my laptop. About half of it is crap, but, with the other half, I’ve been surprised at how many topics I wrote about in my twenties which I developed and posted about on my blog decades later.

Tuesday, I will return to chronicling the End of the World. Maybe.

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