The #Unexpectedly Chronicles Why is this not news?

Because frankly I’ve always thought that if a presidential candidate and / or his / her spouse decided to have a meeting and photo with a person who is actively supporting the murder of police.

The AADL leader’s meeting with former President Clinton during a May 3 visit to the University of Kentucky is featured on Millere’s Tumblr page, where a photo of Millere shaking hands with Clinton is captioned:

Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere accompanies President Bill Clinton and staff around the University of Kentucky campus:
“I was invited to meet with President and Mrs. Clinton and accompany them openly on UK (University of Kentucky) campus. I appreciate his honesty during my hard hitting questions concerning race. He agrees, “anyone should be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights in areas of self-defense, especially African Americans, the most targeted people in the country. I am asking for your endorsement for Hillary and I so you won’t have to.” I agreed with his assessment and replied, “Either we will all live together as brothers or we will all die together as fool.”
Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere – African American Defense League, Black Lives Matter.

AADL was formed in September 2014 during the “Black Lives Matter” protests in Ferguson, Missouri, where activists claimed robbery suspect Michael Brown was wrongly killed by a policeman. Subsequent investigation found Officer Darren Wilson had shot Brown in self-defense during a struggle in which Brown tried to take Officer Wilson’s pistol. However,”the lie that Brown had died in a racially motivated police execution was amplified by the media, college presidents, and the left-wing political class,” as author Heather Mac Donald wrote in her recent book The War on Cops. “The newly formed Black Lives Matter movement promoted the notion that black Americans were being hunted down and killed with impunity by renegade white police officers.”

James King and Adi Cohen of report:

In the days following Brown’s death, Mauricelm-Lei Millere encouraged Black people to kill Wilson. “When you find Dar­ren Wil­son you know what to do! Who­ever finds him knows what must be done!

And frankly it wouldn’t take the murder of a bunch of cops to make it newsworthy, but alas, our media understand that promoting this story is a lose lose for Hillary who they are determined to protect.

If she defends the meetings then there will be a large segment of the population that are not fans of murdering cops who might object.

And of course if she disavowed the meetings then she risks alienating her base which apparently can not abide suggesting that police lives, in fact all lives matter.

That we’ve reached a point where during a week when police are targeted for murder a major party candidate associations with those who as recently as July 6th called for the murder of cops says something both about the Democrat base and the media who protect it.  Neither of those somethings are printable