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Most of what I could say about the situation we, as a nation, find ourselves in has already been said. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I won’t bring up something new about Black Lives Matter™, Dallas, and/or related topics in the future. It does mean, that my brain is a tad fried and you’d be better off with reading the offering of those who are better able to focus on their topic and organize their thoughts.

The rest of Da Magnificent Seven is doing a fine job on the topic. And so are the following bloggers and columnists.

New Details Emerge as Parents of Dallas Cop Killer Micah Johnson Break Silence

Denial Dies in Dallas

Reboot, America: Step Back from the Brink Before it’s too Late

Dallas Police Chief David Brown Is Helping Pull a Nation Back from the Brink

Why Does CNN Hate Police?

Dallas #BlackLivesMatter protesters, counter-protesters, police face off…then pray for each other

Please Help’ — Black Lives Matter Asks For Donations To Pay Bail And Legal Fees

Infiltration of the Civil Rights Movement (Can’t vouch for accuracy in this very long piece; but then again I can’t vouch for accuracy in any of the other writings either.)

The last link isn’t about Dallas, per se, but contains many examples of how the Organized Left manipulates mass movements and connects many dots. Readers may member my post about Eric Hoffer, who wrote down his observations about True Believers. “Infiltration…” documents the battles between opposing true believers—and how both sides were manipulated into those battles.

What’s old is new again.

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