The Great Outing

Endoftheworldby baldilocks

No, I’m not talking about a pleasant getaway.

No, I’m not talking about any personal sexual preferences.

I’m not even talking about the outing that has happened before our eyes: the separation of political pragmatists versus those who cling to political principle. Well, not per se.

Allow me to run it down.

People who don’t know me assume that I voted for Barack Obama and am likely to vote for Hillary Clinton. I understand that. It’s called playing the odds.

People who don’t know me but learn my name assume that I’m a naturalized American. That’s playing the odds, as well.

Many who do know me and know my politics on a surface level assume that I plan to vote for Donald Trump.

And, many who know me and my body of blogging and Social Media assume that I’m in the Never Trump camp.

“What’s nature of the Great Outing, then?” I hear you ask.

Here it is. Almost everyone is eager to paint you into the one of the corners which exist in their minds. And the category of ‘everyone’ includes those on the political right: Trump Supporters, Trump Fans, Never Trumps and SMOD 2016ers. (If I can be painted into any corner, it’s the latter.)

Conservatives have a tendency to feel that they are beyond this sort of thinking—that inside-the-box ideological tribalism is a province of the Left. But anyone who runs in conservative political Social Media circles has long been disabused of this notion.

And, just today, I found out that someone on the right who I respect greatly is offended by this:

Paul Manafort, a top aide to Donald Trump, said the presumptive Republican nominee is unlikely to pick a woman or minority for the position because “that would be viewed as pandering, I think.”

It would be. Pandering is wrong even when it’s my “tribe(s)” which are being pandered to. I figured that out back in 2008.

The Organized Left celebrates its tribal pandering, marrying ethnicity and gender to ideology; this gives Leftism an advantage; The Left is Out and Proud. I don’t think that most people on the right mean to think this way, but this sort of delineation has been indoctrinated into all Americans for a long time. It  feels so right, that we don’t even know we’re doing it.

I still don’t know what I will do on Election Day 2016. But, observing events and players up to this point, SMOD seems like the principled choice for president.

Fire in the Hole, indeed.

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