The Melinia Trump squirrel vs Pat Smith’s Introduction to the Nation

There was a lot of talk this morning on the left side of the MSM about plagiarism concerning Melania Trump and her speech yesterday.

Now I only heard a little bit of her speech before I went on my shift and have not had a chance to hear the rest so I have no idea if and how much of her speech echoed Michelle Obama circa 08, but if you want to understand why the MSM wanted the subject of today to be her, there are two words to explain it:

Pat Smith.

Now if are a person who gets their news from the MSM you likely never heard of Pat Smith the mother of Sean Smith who died at Benghazi until yesterday when she spoke at the GOP convention saying this

You might wonder, if your primary news source is the MSM why she is only saying this now but the fact is she has been doing so for four years but during that time the MSM have treated Pat Smith Unlike Cindy Sheehan who was made a celebrity to harm George W Bush, as an unperson and unless you watch Fox News you have not likely seen or heard a word Mrs. Smith has said on Benghazi since it happened. In fact the only MSM journalist who gave her the tie of day was as you might guess has a name that “Lake Mapper”.

Her speech directly contradicts the MSM narrative and carries credibility to the audience that the Trump convention has drawn because she is not a pol. It was so devastating that Chris Matthews managed to go over the top even for him claiming she “Ruined the evening”, which if you are Hillary Clinton fan trying to change the subject from her mendacity, and a GQ reporter declared on twitter: I don’t care how many children Pat Smith lost I would like to beat her to death and spent last night defending said tweet until it was finally deleted and apology issued today claiming “satire

but for my money the most telling moment came when CNN switched to Wolf Blitzer after her speech who attempted to spin it, unfortunately for Mr. Blitzer he was pared with Jake Tapper who being Jake Tapper didn’t play along even to the point where he stated one couldn’t dispute some of her points.

As I tweeted at the time You never saw an anchor so desperate to switch to a panel in your life.

it’s rather telling that Politifact tried their best to dispute her statement while at the same time being smart enough to refuse to call a Benghazi mother a liar and that when the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza reviewed the winners and losers of the evening speeches Pat Smith’s was nowhere on the list to be found.

They don’t call his column “The Fix” for nothing.

So I can confidently predict that the MSM will bury Pat Smith’s speech as minutia and when the post convention stories are written the single most devastating speech of day 1 (Rudy Giuliani not withstanding) to the cause of Hillary Clinton’s election to the White House will, as far as the MSM is concerned, be an afterthought that barely existed.


Closing Thought, if I was Donald Trump and his surrogates I would be talking about Pat Smith’s speech at every chance I get both during and after the convention and I’d certainly turn her speech into an ad that I’d be running every night during the Democrat Convention and beyond.

Update: Via Glenn, Ricochet gets it:

Remember how Maureen Dowd talked about Patricia Smith’s ‘absolute moral authority?’

No, I don’t remember that either.

Because it didn’t happen.

Instead, Patricia Smith is being relentlessly ‘fact-checked’ this morning. By PolitiFact. By The Washington Post. And probably many more.

The crux of Patricia Smith’s argument is that Hillary is a liar who told her, more-or-less over the body of her dead son, that the ‘video’ was responsible for the Benghazi attacks. Mrs Smith believes that Hillary knew, at the time, that the Benghazi attacks were organized terrorism. And there is strong evidence to indicate that she did know that. Including an inconveniently discovered email to her own daughter, sent on the night of the attack.

Just as there is strong evidence to indicate that, for days afterwards, Hillary, along with the rest of the Obama administration, was telling lots of people, and even foreign governments, that the video was responsible for the attack.

So, why is it so hard to believe that she would have told Patricia Smith the same thing?

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