I am observing the Republican National Convention from a distance; not only a physical distance, since I’m some 1,200 miles away, but also by reading about the proceedings a day or two away. Or, as Ace put it,

I don’t believe in doing #HotTakes while I watch television as seems to be the passion of the rest of the online community.

Some of that has to do with the kind of blogging I do: I observe Latin American news stories over many years.

Monday evening’s speeches at the RNC were newsworthy:

We must not be afraid to define our enemy.
It is Islamic extremist terrorism. I did not say all of Islam. I said Islamic extremist terrorism.

the knife intifada raged in France and in Germany, while a group called Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil has become the first group in South America to pledge allegiance to ISIS.

  • Pat Smith directly accused Hillary Clinton for the death of her son, Sean.
  • Benghazi survivors Mark Geist and John Teigen described the horror of being left to fend for themselves on September 11, 2012.

  • Sheriff David Clarke described the Occupy and Black Lives Matter movements “anarchy.”

  • The next day, Chris Christie prosecuted Hillary Clinton in his speech.

  • The media, including many conservative bloggers, focused instead on Melania Trump’s speech. They have their undies in a bunch over a speech that cribbed from a speech that may have been cribbed from Alinsky years ago – and yet, a speech that could at best be described as Platitudes 101.

    Hey, it’s a free country, so if you want to use the speech as a distraction from real issues, knock yourself out.

    But by now it’s Wednesday, and, as of the writing of this post, the speech story still tops Memeorandum. It’s about time you shift your focus on the hard reality facing America, and, if you consider yourself a conservative, maybe you should try asking, for instance, Do Candidates Need a Campaign?, because, as Roger Kimball points out, “it is not immediately clear that Donald Trump, who is running for President, has one.”

    No real campaign, and yet, the real issues aren’t going away. Turkey, where NATO has a base, is being turned into a dictatorship, and there’s more evidence that the Obama administration caved into Iran’s demands:

    The document, obtained by The Associated Press in Vienna, outlines Tehran’s plans to expand its uranium enrichment program after the first 10 years of the nuclear deal.

    It’s the only text linked to last year’s deal between Iran and six world powers – the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China plus Germany – that has not been made public

    To many of Hillary’s supporters, that’s a feature, not a bug.

    And I haven’t even started on issues affecting the economy.

    While I’m at it, Ted Cruz – who had a real campaign – is speaking tonight. As a Ted supporter, I’m extremely pessimistic about the kind of treatment he’ll get from the media.

    Unless, of course, one of Trump’s relatives again cribs a paragraph or two from someone else.

    Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S, and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

    What else can one conclude when you see this

    Twitter confirmed it has permanently banned Breitbart Tech editor and alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos for allegedly violating its “hateful conduct policy”.

    The contretemps has been brewing all week, as Milo engaged in a barbed to and fro with embattled Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones over her Twitter feud with trolls who hated her new movie. At one point the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey intervened himself, asking Jones to direct message him. Milo himself said nothing racist, though he joked that Jones’ grammatically challenged quips at him were “barely literate”, said America needs better schools and referred to Jones facetiously as “a black dude”.

    Breitbart has more

    Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been suspended from Twitter once more just 20 minutes before his “Gays for Trump” event takes place at the Republican National Convention.

    The justification for the suspension is currently unknown, although it could be as a result of Milo’s run-in with Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones on the site. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey publicly reached out to Jones late on Monday evening after she complained about “abuse” on the platform. Milo was suspended despite the fact that he sent no abusive tweets to the actress.

    BuzzFeed gleefully reported that the suspension is permanent, citing a statement from Twitter promising a clampdown on “targeted abuse.” Milo has also received a message from Twitter confirming that that his ban is permanent

    Let me clue you in a sec.

    Actual strong women are, well strong. They can take critique, they can handle being quoted and are able to take care of themselves.

    Weak women fall apart when critiqued and run for others to defend them if anyone says a word that gives them the vapors.

    Apparently Twitter believes women need to protected from any word or phrases that does not fit their worldview.

    Apparently Twitter believes women need to be protected from public debate as it might disturb them.

    Apparently Twitter believes that women are so weak that they are incapable of defending their positions and statements for themselves.

    To put it simply Twitter want to put feminists back into an 1880’s box and their feminist allies rather than objecting are calling it being empowered.

    What a bunch of losers. I’ll give Milo the last word:

    “No, of course, I don’t have any regrets,” Milo told Heat Street. “But feminists on the other hand should have regrets that they have taught strong women that they are victims and attacked people for having different opinions to them on Twitter.”

    FYI Feminism not withstanding don’t think for one second this isn’t about silencing a high profile Gay Trump supporter who a huge megaphone at a time when Hillary is tanking at the polls.

    Update: Analysis True

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