The Fourth Dimension

by baldilocks

At Roger Kimball’s blog, Paula Bolyard outlines the reason(s) I will wait until election day to make my presidential election choice.

Like many (but by no means all) conservatives, ever since Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, I have been scanning the horizon for reasons to support him.

I have found a few. But candor requires that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, I acknowledge that the most compelling reason I’ve found so far is a familiar dactyl-trochee combination: Hillary Clinton. As I argued after the first day of the convention in Cleveland, The Wall Street Journal‘s Bill McGurn is right: the best case for Donald Trump is still this: that the alternative is the dowager empress of Chappaqua.

I’ve had flickers of hope that, post-primary, Trump would turn out to be something other than what he appeared to be throughout the primary season and what, by most accounts, he has been throughout his very public, very fraught business career.

So far, alas, I’ve found those hopes dashed, one after the next. After a tentative access of reasonable behavior on Trump’s part, bang, he blows it all by (for example) telling us what a great guy Saddam Hussein was at killing terrorists.

Just this morning, I found a link on Twitter which pushed me toward Trump: he called Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams to thank the chief’s department for its service during the RNC in that city. Not minutes later, however, I found out that Trump “joked” about starting an anti-Cruz, anti-Kasich PAC should he become president. (Memo to Mr. Trump: you’ve already beaten those two candidates.)

I can at least tell you this: I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. And, please spare me the no-Trump=yes-Clinton argument for this reason: it will not push me into making my decision any earlier than stated.

People keep telling me that beating Clinton is the only important factor in 2016 presidential election decision-making. That assertion reminds me of an observation I made: that many people have no concept of time and, therefore, the implications about the passage of it. One of those implications: allowing the evidence–events and revelations–to build up until the point when the time is up.

It’s July. Therefore, time is not up.

Another memo to Mr. Trump: seal the deal instead of pooping in and on it!

Of course, we’re still pretending that winning the election is his true goal, are we not?

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Summary: The Doctor Trapped scared and alone. What will he endure to win?

Plot: Having been teleported to an unknown location, a Castle with wall that move and reset themselves the Doctor finds himself pursued by a deadly shade that will only pause if he divulges a secret. What is the secret that it is looking for? Who has put him there can he escape and heartbroken as he is, will he want to?


Writing: This has got to be one of the most offbeat episodes of the entire series. The first time I saw it my reaction was “What the hell was that?” You will have to watch it multiple times in my opinion to appreciate it.

Acting: It is rare for a Doctor to operate without a companion, it is unheard of for him to operate totally alone. Capaldi pulls it off.

Memorable Moments: Skulls, Hell of a bird, didn’t see this coming

Doctor Who Flashbacks: The long way around (Day of the Doctor), the doctor facing his fears Planet of the Spiders

Oddities: It seems to me that at the end we don’t have the Doctor but a duplicate of a duplicate etc etc etc. The doctor is in fact dead.  Furthermore given tens of millions of iterations one would think there would be enough of a variable so he would be able to power said machine & create multiple doctors unless it’s all basically a mental trap and none of it involved his physical body which seems unlikely


Pet Peeves: Once he figures out how to get out why doesn’t he take the shovel or some metal object with him to hit the wall? It would have cut the time to get through literally by billions of years?

Great Quote(s)

The Doctor: When the sun sets, I’ll be able to establish an exact position by the stars. Then you’ll have a choice. Come out, show yourself, or keep on hiding. Clara said I shouldn’t take revenge. You should know, I don’t always listen.


The Doctor: It’s a killer puzzle box designed to scare me to death, and I’m trapped inside it. Must be Christmas.


On the Blackboard (in his mind): How are you going to win??
The Doctor: Can’t I just lose? Just this once? Easy. It would be easy. It would be so easy. Just tell them. Just tell them, whoever wants to know, all about the Hybrid. I can’t keep doing this. I can’t! I can’t always do this! It’s not fair! Clara, it’s just not fair! Why can’t I just lose?
On the Blackboard (in his mind): No!
The Doctor: But I can remember, Clara.You don’t understand, I can remember it all. Every time. And you’ll still be gone. Whatever I do, you still won’t be there.
Clara: Doctor, you are not the only person who ever lost someone. It’s the story of everybody. Get over it. Beat it. Break free. Doctor, it’s time. Get up, off your arse, and win!


Final Verdict: 5 stars Yeah it’s really good but like I said you’ll have to watch it a few times to get it

Ranking of Season: 4th of 11 but a really close 3rd

1st. The Girl who Died
2nd. The Witch’s Familiar
3rd. Face the Raven
4th Heaven Sent
5th. The Magician’s Apprentice
6th. The Woman who lived
7th. Before the Flood
8th. Under the Lake
9th The Zygon Inversion
10th. The Zygon Invasion
11th Sleep no more

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era: 9th Yes I know a lot of people think the world of this episode but I call it as I want to see it.

1st. Last Christmas
2nd. The Caretaker
3rd. The Girl who Died
4th. The Witch’s Familiar
5th. Mummy on the Orient Express
6th. Face the Raven
7th. Into the Dalek
8th. Dark Water
9th. Heaven Sent
10th. Listen

I can’t imagine how Bernie Sanders voters feel today.

If you were a Bernie bro the home stretch of this season had promise.  Your man was still fighting even after Donald Trump had clinched and unlike Trump, Hillary had not managed to secure enough bound delegates to win the nomination meaning that the superdelegate who by the rules were completely free regardless of past pronouncements or media statements to vote for whatever nominee they wanted.

Furthermore with the FBI investigation still having over her and polls consistently  showing Bernie beating Trump, there was always the chance that the tide at the convention would turn.

There was HOPE!

And more important than hope, as long as Sanders did not concede they had leverage.

As long as the threat of a move to Bernie at the convention existed, Hillary Clinton was forced to entertain progressive choices for VP, to give lip service to your issues.  To very publically be a sister to the left.

That leverage ended the moment Sanders left the race and endorsed and the ultimate express of that loss of leverage is the pick of Tim Kaine.

Once Bernie was out the fix was in (and not just in terms of VP with no alternative Democrat as a threat suddenly Bill Clinton was meeting with Lynch, the FBI was crying “careless” but unwilling to enforce the law and suddenly Justice was uninterested.) and you progressives could be tossed under the Clinton bus, and ironically thanks to the Wikileaks disclosures you know that has been the desire from day one.

In one message dated May 5, 2016, with the subject line “No s–t,” the chief financial officer of the Democratic National Committee, Brad Marshall, plotted how to portray Sanders, who was raised Jewish in Brooklyn, as an atheist.

“It might [make] no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief,” Marshall wrote, apparently referring to Sanders and upcoming Kentucky and West Virginia primaries.

“Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage,’’ Marshall asked.

“I think I read he is an atheist.”

“This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and atheist.”

The chief executive officer at the DNC, Amy Dacey, responded with a single word: “Amen.”

Or to put it another way, Putting aside my own feelings as a Conservative Catholic or opinions on Hillary’s options, do you really believe, dear Bernie fans, that a “pro-life” senator and governor with a religious background and an affinity for the trade deals you despise, a former DNC chair, the ultimate insider, a straight white male, would be the Democrat choice for VS if they actually cared what you think?

You may have have “felt the burn” before but now you really know what it is to be burned

Well there’s always Dr. Jill Stein & the Green Party.

Exit question for Bernie fans:  Given these facts how jealous are you of the Never Trump folks.  They at least had a champion who was willing to go before the convention and at great risk to his political future not endorse.  Who will be your champion at the Democrat Convention?

Update: added DNC quote

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