Three-Dimensional Thinking

The Fourth Dimension

by baldilocks

At Roger Kimball’s blog, Paula Bolyard outlines the reason(s) I will wait until election day to make my presidential election choice.

Like many (but by no means all) conservatives, ever since Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, I have been scanning the horizon for reasons to support him.

I have found a few. But candor requires that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, I acknowledge that the most compelling reason I’ve found so far is a familiar dactyl-trochee combination: Hillary Clinton. As I argued after the first day of the convention in Cleveland, The Wall Street Journal‘s Bill McGurn is right: the best case for Donald Trump is still this: that the alternative is the dowager empress of Chappaqua.

I’ve had flickers of hope that, post-primary, Trump would turn out to be something other than what he appeared to be throughout the primary season and what, by most accounts, he has been throughout his very public, very fraught business career.

So far, alas, I’ve found those hopes dashed, one after the next. After a tentative access of reasonable behavior on Trump’s part, bang, he blows it all by (for example) telling us what a great guy Saddam Hussein was at killing terrorists.

Just this morning, I found a link on Twitter which pushed me toward Trump: he called Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams to thank the chief’s department for its service during the RNC in that city. Not minutes later, however, I found out that Trump “joked” about starting an anti-Cruz, anti-Kasich PAC should he become president. (Memo to Mr. Trump: you’ve already beaten those two candidates.)

I can at least tell you this: I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. And, please spare me the no-Trump=yes-Clinton argument for this reason: it will not push me into making my decision any earlier than stated.

People keep telling me that beating Clinton is the only important factor in 2016 presidential election decision-making. That assertion reminds me of an observation I made: that many people have no concept of time and, therefore, the implications about the passage of it. One of those implications: allowing the evidence–events and revelations–to build up until the point when the time is up.

It’s July. Therefore, time is not up.

Another memo to Mr. Trump: seal the deal instead of pooping in and on it!

Of course, we’re still pretending that winning the election is his true goal, are we not?

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