More About the Unknown

by baldilocks At American Thinker, First Amendment activists Matt Patterson and Lindsey DePasse point to known history, show how to analyze it and how to draw conclusions from it. The Greek city-state of Athens had no constitutional protections for people who advocated notions radically at odds with prevailing wisdom. The result: Socrates was put to … Continue reading More About the Unknown

Will November bring us a coup?

The real question is...why don't the numbers add to 100%? Turkey's response to the recent coup attempt has been particularly brutal.  Over 200 are dead and 45,000 in jail, and many will likely be executed and buried in traitor cemeteries.  A YouGov poll indicated that a surprising number of people would see themselves supporting a … Continue reading Will November bring us a coup?

the University of Houston Should Learn that “all actions Matter”

When I saw this story at Yid With Lid... If colleges are indeed training the nation’s future leaders, America is doomed. On Sunday, the Daily Caller reported that Rohini Sethi, a student government leader at the University of Houston, was suspended and ordered to diversity training for engaging in the heinous act of free speech. … Continue reading the University of Houston Should Learn that “all actions Matter”