Country-Jacked by the Driver (Edited)

carjack2by baldilocks

No one will do anything at all about the fact that the President of the United States took $400 million in cash, put it on a plane, sent it to Iran as ransom for American hostages, and did so without congressional approval, which is how all US Treasury transactions are supposed to be handled, according to the U.S. Constitution.

It is far from the first time that President Barack Obama violated or ignored the Separation of Powers outlined in the Constitution, and, of course, that’s the point. This president figured out a long time ago that he could get away with pretty much anything, and not have to suffer impeachment, censure, or even too much harsh language from the other two governmental branches or the long ago-hijacked Big Media.

Why not? Because, as we all know, it is no longer about what the purpose of the executive branch is, nor what its constraints are, but about who is doing the executing and the color of the skin of the executor.

Ours had become a nation of men rather than one of laws. Of course that was the intent all along of the Fundamental Transformation, was it not?

So now, the Executor can lift money from the Treasury, out in the open, arrange for money to be paid to an avowed enemy–ostensibly bowing to the terms of a set of kidnappers. All the other times it was people-for-people, this time it’s money-for-people

So now, those of us who have been watching this happen—watching the build-up of the mountain of lawlessness by this Administration are asking ourselves and each other the musical question: what’s next?

Because there are much worse things that this Administration can do. As a matter of fact, I’d wager that, by the time we get an answer to the question “what’s next,” the next Big Crime will already be done.

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