China’s Next Conquest: Hawaii

China plans to control Hawaii and Antarctica. Far-fetched?  Not entirely.  China's Ministry of Education published a new world map with extensive Pacific Chinese, and is already starting the narrative about discovering Antarctica. If it seems crazy, it's not. Just how Donald Trump's seemingly random declarations mask his master persuasion campaign, China has a deliberate strategy … Continue reading China’s Next Conquest: Hawaii

Color Me Disillusioned

By:  Pat Austin SHREVEPORT – My thoughts are disjointed this week so this post probably will be as well, so bear with me.  My friend Smitty at The Other McCain sized up exactly how I’m feeling these days: Regret that my 2016 Election Primal Scream Therapy has curtailed my blogging to the point of non-existence. … Continue reading Color Me Disillusioned

Have Fedora will Travel… to Denver

Today I'm off to Denver to prepare for an event on School Choice for to be followed by a day covering RedState which starts at the very minute that the school choice event ends. I'm hoping to pick up some interviews with bloggers, visitors to red state, key players and people involved in school … Continue reading Have Fedora will Travel… to Denver