He Who Hesitates

by baldilocks I’ve been away from the Internet most of this morning and in the afternoon up to around 3PM PST. Earlier this morning, all the political talk was about the fact that Seddique Mateen, father of the Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, appeared in privileged seats at a Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee, Florida—not far … Continue reading He Who Hesitates

Ads say the darnedest things

As a social media nerd (perhaps you know the type), I take note of the political ads in the sidebars and footers of the blogs and pages I follow. The unseen forces that affect ad-placing algorithms have figured out that I'm pro-life, and most of the political ads I see are for more-or-less pro-life candidates. … Continue reading Ads say the darnedest things

Katia Checkwicz’s “Don’t Hire me” Resume

Papa bear: [repeated line] That is what you should not do.  So let that be a lesson to you Stan and Jan Berenstain The Bike Lesson 1964 Katia Checkwiz is a student at Boston University (annual tuition w/ R&B $65,110) and the good news for her is she has chosen Mechanical engineering as a major. … Continue reading Katia Checkwicz’s “Don’t Hire me” Resume