Voices of the Invisible: Christopher

During my stay in Denver I went to daily mass on a regular basis, you would often see the homeless congregated there. Christopher approached me asking if I knew if there was a soup kitchen nearby. Not knowing denver I couldn't answer that question but I did know there was a McDonald's next door to … Continue reading Voices of the Invisible: Christopher

Media coup d’├ętat against Trump

By John Ruberry I try not to cover the same subject in successive weeks in my weekly posts here, but these are not ordinary times. Media bias in regards to the presidential campaign is my topic, as it was last Sunday. Fox News' Howard Kurtz brought my attention to a New York Times article by … Continue reading Media coup d’├ętat against Trump

Red State’s Shining Moment

Normally I would have gone in sequence with a post on day 2 of the Amplify Choice event but something happened at Red State Yesterday that deserves some attention. Red State has had some interesting speakers and interesting topics, right now as I'm typing there is a great panel on Corporate welfare that really hit … Continue reading Red State’s Shining Moment