A Godless Olympics

Even with the iconic statue of Jesus Christ watching over the Rio Olympics, NBC and mainstream media outlets have chosen to ignore the importance of religion among athletes. For example, swimmer Michael Phelps, one of the greatest Olympians ever, lost his way until he found God a few years ago. "I was a train wreck. … Continue reading A Godless Olympics

Trump, the Church and Immigration

Donald Trump delivered a rather compelling speech on Monday about terrorism and protecting our country from those who would do us harm. As usual, the media, who praised Trump during the primary as an iconoclast who refused to play by the traditional rules, are now casting him as a lunatic who refuses to play by … Continue reading Trump, the Church and Immigration

The intoxicating history of beer

Most likely the first individuals to brew a beer like substance were lazy farmers who invented this marvelous beverage completely by accident.  These slothful farmers left grains outside and the grains were allowed to sit in water for an extended period of time.  This caused natural enzymes in the grain to convert the starches into … Continue reading The intoxicating history of beer