Useless Baggage

by baldilocks So, this happened not far from where I live. SKID ROW, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Paramedics rushed to Skid Row after 18 people appeared to have overdosed on a drug presumed to be spice, or synthetic marijuana, fire officials said. The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the area of 5th and San … Continue reading Useless Baggage

Politically Correct equals Newspeak

I first encountered political correctness back in September of 1991 when I first attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  It became immediately apparent to me that this political correct nonsense was a dangerous form of Orwellian censorship.  Newspeak, from George Orwell’s 1984, leapt to mind the first time I encountered the PC thought police … Continue reading Politically Correct equals Newspeak

A Great Question for Black Lives Matter

At the Daily Caller an excellent question is being asked: Black Lives Matter finds itself under fire for protesting the Baton Rogue shooting, but ignoring the Louisiana flood, reports the Washington Times. A video of a Baton Rogue resident asking where the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter people are has gone viral. “I … Continue reading A Great Question for Black Lives Matter