Meet one of the monks/priests at St Bernard Abbey in Cullman Alabama Fr. Ken McGrath

It’s really something to think of a man being a monk since I was five years old but what’s really something is to check out this page and see how many of the monks here are young enough to be my kids.

Orthodoxy creates vocations

Well the tryouts for DaTechGuy’s Magnificent Prospects are over and we have three winners.

Christopher Harper, Journalism professor at Temple University and longtime member of the MSM drew the most support from DaTipJar and was literally under a hit per post behind our 2nd place finisher in total hits. He will be joining Baldilocks as a regular Tuesday Contributor Posting at Noontime.

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but our #1 overall performer (and it wasn’t close) was JD Rucker whose pieces were by far the most popular with you dear readers. By virtue of this he officially takes over the Thursday Noon slot that has been empty since AP Lady Liberty Dillon went on to greener pastures.

That’s the good news that bad news is my days of every Thursday off have now officially ended.

I’d like to thank Tech Knight, Jon Fournier and Ellen Kolb who did some good writing and had some support from readers but not enough to justify a weekly paid position at this time. You may see them back as substitute writers and if any of the tip jar hitters who really liked them want them back if you are willing to sponsor any or all of them via a monthly subscription I’d be wiling to consider giving them a monthly piece on the site (and maybe get at least one day off a month!)

But till that day comes welcome to JD, RH/NG36B and Christopher may your writing continue to entertain and inform readers of DaTechguyblog for many years to come.

Update: Just exchanged DM’s with JD. Because he was so popular with readers he has agreed to join Baldilocks and Fausta in doing two posts a week. Post #2 will be Sunday Evenings. Your cup runneth over. Also JD’s spot was Thursdays which is the spot that JD is taking over.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – If you will indulge me once more, I’ll wrap up my Louisiana Flood 2016 coverage with this post, “God willing and the creeks don’t rise,” as we say down here.

Some Flood Facts:

  1. At this point, flood damage is estimated to be about $8.7 billion, but they are not finished making inspections and assessments yet.  That isn’t a final figure.
  2. Flood damage has been documented in 55,000 homes so far and that number will probably double. Let that sink in for a moment.  55,000.  So far.
  3. Only 20% of those homes had flood insurance because they were not in a flood plain.
  4. More than 6,000 businesses flooded.
  5. Farmers/Agriculture sustained an estimated $110 million in damages.
  6. Estimates are that about 30 state roads washed out and 1,400 bridges will need to be inspected, according to Governor Edwards.
  7. Up to 5,000 bee colonies were wiped out across South Louisiana.
  8. On the Baton Rouge Police Department, about 170 officers got water in their homes and about 190 firemen. The State Police didn’t fare any better. Meanwhile, they were out helping citizens.
  9. State Farm has received over 18,000 claims for flooded vehicles (so far).  I have a friend that works at a Lexus dealership who tells me the leased, flooded vehicles are being towed in so fast they are running out of places to put them.
  10. Thousands of pets have been rescued; many of these will never be reclaimed from the shelters.
  11. Livingston Parish, just east of Baton Rouge, had to relocate its parish prisoners and is racking up substantial costs housing them while they clean out their jail and order new mattresses and supplies. This is likely the case across south Louisiana.
  12. Damage in the East Baton Rouge school district is estimated to be around $50 million.

All in all, it has been a catastrophic event and as people are drying out and putting belongings to the curb, waiting for insurance adjusters, and trying to resume life, things begin to take on a new normal. Football season is back and although the LSU Tigers played poorly this weekend, there is still hope for the future. There is always hope.

There have been good things come out of this terrible event and that has been neighbors helping neighbors, black, white, whatever – everyone is pulling together. We have a rejuvenated pride in our state and in each other.

The Cajun Navy has been a beacon of hope and love for many.

Most schools will reopen this week and children can get back to their own new normal.

And so it goes.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Sheldon:  Hello Penny. I realize you are currently in the mercy of your primitive biological urges. But, as you have an entire lifetime of poor decisions ahead of you, may I interrupt this one?

The Big Bang Theory:  The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation 2009

As a general rule one tends to give young people some slack. Young inexperienced people make foolish decisions and hopefully said decision don’t destroy their lives.

But I draw the line at celebrating bad decisions that give one a social disease for the rest of one’s life:

A Google search for “Ella Dawson herpes” produces more than 50,000 results. Why would parents pay nearly $50,000 a year for their daughter to attend college when the result of her “education” is that she becomes notorious for having an incurable sexually transmitted virus?

Also one would think the editor of a campus sex magazine gender/feminist/sexuality studies major : ” Planned Parenthood volunteer, a sexuality studies major, and everyone’s go-to friend when they had questions about losing their virginity.”  would know that the only type of “careful” that prevents genital herpes is to not have sex with infected people.

Of course I tend not to give a pass for one who considers aiding and abetting  the deaths of children for profit as a virtue but be that as it may.

The decision to try and comfort people who have made the same bad decision you have and are paying for it, is in fact a good thing (although I think encouraging folks to publicly inform the world of their disease is only good in the sense of warning a potential sexual partner) since self-hatred leads to horrible things.

But all other things aside (including the censorship of those who don’t agree with her) I’m certainly not going to give her a pass on this:

I’ve been a Hillary Clinton supporter for years now, but the importance of her campaign for President didn’t hit home with me until I watched her speech last week in Reno. I know so many writers who are terrified to even mention Breitbart by name online because we so often pay for it. There Hillary was, literally reading Breitbart headlines from the podium as the audience gasped. She was unafraid of the Alt-Right’s vulgar, distorted conspiracy theories, their character assassinations, their sexist photoshopped memes. And despite her fearlessness, she was able to recognize their danger without validating their ideology.

Think for a second what that paragraph means:

 It suggests that liberals are afraid to talk about because they are unwilling to defend their opinions in the public square.

 It suggests that the critiques of Hillary Clinton are a bunch of conspiracy theories

 It suggests that speaking to a friendly crowd attacking one of the few outlets not in the tank for her is courage.

This is ignorance and idiocy on a grand scale and deserves an answer more detailed than the standard Stacy McCain putdown since many young people will read it and unfortunately buy it.

First of all the market place of ideas is where we decide what things are worthwhile and what are not.  If your ideas.  If your opinions which are constantly validated by major media all over the nation can’t stand critique by the readers of a single web site without you collapsing in terror than the problem is with you and your ideas which apparently have never been challenged.

Life is full of challenges, and the sooner one realises the thing to do is to face them the better, even more important one learns the most by defending one’s opinions, by critique.  If you never have those opinions challenged than when decisions based on said opinions fail you can’t cope and an inability to cope leads to an unhappy life.

And seriously you want to talk being silenced or harassed over speaking up talk to my youngest son who is your age about being a conservative on facebook.

Second when it comes to “conspiracies” concerning Hillary Clinton, I’m almost tempted to give her a pass as she was barely born when Bill Clinton was playing with Monica and wasn’t born when Hillary was helping him enable his assaults on Juanita Broaddrick.  Odds are she’s been spoon fed the “conspiracy” stuff since she entered school so I will live her and her readers with these questions:

Are the parents of the Americans left to die at Benghazi pushers of conspiracy theories?

When the FBI part of a conspiracy theory when they said your choice for president, Hillary Clinton was “careless” with classified data?

Is the act of aids to the secretary of state smashing one’s cell phones and ipads with hammers, per the FBI report, consistent with the idea that suggesting she had something to hide is a “conspiracy”

As Mrs. Clinton’s asserted to the FBI that her inability to remember key information was due to her concussion, does that make her part of the “conspiracy” concerning her health?

And that’s not even comparing the video of what she was claiming a year ago to what is now known to be true per the FBI.

Finally the idea that Hillary is showing courage by critiquing her critics in front of a friendly crowd.


You have a woman who has not held a press conference in 2016 because she is afraid of facing questions from a press corps that overwhelmingly favors her election and you think she’s courageous for telling a group of people who love her that a group of people they mutually hate are bad?

Yeah that takes a lot of courage.

You want a brave woman try  Pam Geller.  She is constantly challenged, harassed and even deals with attempts to murder her, yet she doesn’t falter, doesn’t whine or even try to censor her foes.  No she stands up in the marketplace of ideas and fights.  She stands up to people trying to kill her even as the majority of the media blast her for it.

That is a strong woman.  Not a wealthy protected pol who has spent the last 20 years being affirmed by everyone in sight.

Now again Ms. Dawson is only 23 or 24 years old and I thought I knew a lot more than I actually did at her age so perhaps we can chalk it down to the ignorance of youth.

But if you are a young person may I submit and suggest that taking the advice of one displaying said ignorance, particularly one who is not able to handle being challenged on it, is a very bad idea.

Closing thought, feel free to disagree loudly both here and on twitter, I promise not to try to have you silenced for it although I reserve the right to edit any vulgarities you choose to leave on my site.

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