A Short I-Got-Nothing Reading List

by baldilocks It’s one of those days. So, instead of commenting on the news or on someone else’s commentary on the news, I’m going to give you some links to pieces I plan to read after I compose this post. Here we go. Columnist Says He Won't Date Feminists, Feminists Instantly Validate Him--probably very entertaining … Continue reading A Short I-Got-Nothing Reading List

Voices of EWTN Brother Leo

I interviewed Brother Leo of the "Hey Brother Leo" series of Children's books at EWTN It's important to remember that the Catholic faith is built on reason. NOTE: You might have wondered what happened to this post. Due to a critical database error this post (originally posted Monday night) my scheduled lead post for Tuesday … Continue reading Voices of EWTN Brother Leo

Gaming the Disability System

At the beginning of every semester, I receive several letters of accommodation for students with disabilities. Usually, the letters describe learning rather than physical disabilities. Unfortunately, the Americans with Disabilities Act, a noble gesture to eliminate discrimination and physical barriers, has increasingly become a means for college students to game the academic system for better … Continue reading Gaming the Disability System