From Roger Goodell Commissioner NFL

To : Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brissett et/al

Subj: Many Thanks


Wanted to drop you a quick line of thanks for your 3-0 start this season in general and your 27-0 thumping of the Houston Texans in particular.

As you may have heard for the 2nd week in a row our ratings are down. Furthermore a new a Yahoo Poll shows 44% of Americans say they are likely to shut off NFL games if player protests continue.

These results meant that it was very likely that all of the Friday sports shows on TV and radio would have been discussing both the ratings and this poll, particularly given the events in Charlotte this week.

However the fine play of Jimmy Garoppolo in weeks 1 & 2 and his subsequent injury forcing you to play Rookie Jacoby Brissett vs Miami and his Subsequent start against the Texans provided a welcome topic for discussion for NFL fans everywhere, particularly given Mr. Belichick’s decision to not sign an experienced QB to back him up.

Furthermore young Mr. Brissett’s fine play complemented by excellent defense giving the Patriots a 27-0 victory in a game where the Texans were favored by 2, his injury and the subsequent quarterback controversies on who to start for week 4 vs Buffalo and the potential of a completely unanticipated QB controversy on starting Brady week five if the team goes 4-0 without him has the potential to completely change the conversation everywhere.

I must confess that while my intentions toward your franchise were completely punitive your teams ability to completely confound me and the rest of the league that wanted to bring you down has come at precisely the right time for all of us who are desperate to protect our high profits and subsequent high paychecks from the possibility of the fans figuring out there are other alternatives out there.

Once again keep up the good work.


Roger Goodell
Commissioner NFL

Politico disapproves of Donald Trump’s insistence on running only English-language campaign ads:
Trump’s English-only campaign. Paying little attention to shifting demographics, the Republican nominee offers nothing in Spanish. (emphasis added)

While the majority of Latino voters are English-speaking, Trump’s refusal to campaign in Spanish is a powerful symbol of how little heed Trump has paid to America’s shifting demographics. Latinos now make up about 10 percent of the national vote, with electorally potent concentrations in crucial battlegrounds such as Florida, Colorado, Nevada and even North Carolina.

Let’s look at the language question alone, separate from the campaigns’ issues: Should politicians run campaign ads in a foreign language?

The whole “you must speak to the Hispanics in their language in order to get their vote” is condescending, insulting and patronizing.

Look, I have no problem if anyone running for office speaks the language(s) their parents taught them at home to an audience of similar background. Imagine that you are of Welsh ancestry, for instance, and you are addressing the local Welsh society to talk about your campaign: somebody decides to close the event with a rousing chorus of Suo Gan and you know the words because your mom used to sing it to you when you were little? By all means, knock yourself out and sing your heart out. If you are fluent enough in Welsh (not many people are), indeed, say a paragraph in Welsh.

Just make sure your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are really good, whatever language you speak. Your audience can tell.

What is insulting is the assumption that in order to communicate with Hispanics, they must be addressed in their language.

For starters, experience and travel have taught me that there is no such thing as “Hispanic.” I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where I lived for the first nineteen years of my life. I have as much in common with the average Peruvian as I have with the average Thai. Most of that commonality derives from the fact that we are Americans choosing to live here most of our lives.

Then there are the politicians who supposedly speak Spanish.

I am a former Berlitz instructor, and having listened to Tim Kaine’s rather pained Spanish, I’d give him an “A” for effort, but he could use a good language coach. Marco Rubio, who grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, has perfect Spanish. Ted Cruz, who did not grow up in a Spanish-speaking household, wisely refrains from inflicting his Spanish to the public at large. I really really don’t want to hear Hillary or Trump or Johnson or Stein in Spanish.

And let’s not ignore the one fact that even Politico begrudgingly acknowledged: the majority of Latino voters are English-speaking.

How much of a that majority consume their news in English? Eighty percent.


So if a PAC decides it’s a good idea to spend big bucks on TV ads in whatever language, fine by me. Just don’t do it out of a misguided notion that it’s because “you must speak to the Hispanics in their language in order to get their vote”.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

It’s been a couple of days since riots hit Charlotte over a black police officer shooting a black man.

There has been violence there has been looting but for a moment lets note one other thing.

One of the biggest worries for the Hillary Clinton campaign has been the indifference of black voters to her as a candidate. This has been a constant worry for national Democrats as they fear a drop in black turnout will hurt candidates all the way down the line. If they are to retain their power and influence and the money that comes from it, it is VITAL that the black vote be energized.

That’s why the facts in Charlotte don’t matter.

No amount of physical evidence concerning the suspect being shot will matter, no amount of looting caught on camera matters, no amount of violence by protesters matter, all that matters is advancing a narrative that energizes the black voter and prompts them to turn out to vote for Hillary clinton.

Now my newest writer JD Rucker things that this is a bad idea rather than a good one for the Clinton campaign:

Hillary can neither distance herself nor embrace them. She’s walking the tightrope of appearing to be sympathetic without sounding as if she approves of their activities. Her Twitter account the last couple of days has had reactions designed to appease every side, followed by a flurry of unrelated Tweets to bury her perspectives away from scrutiny.

and his opinion is supported by this fact:

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton condemned the police shooting of Charlotte resident Keith Lamont Scott, but has yet to comment on the rioting which spread violence throughout the North Carolina city on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rioting she dare not condemn.

But in the end I suspect the reality is that Clinton is in a lot more trouble than the MSM will admit and the big swing to Trump represented a lot of people who are no longer afraid to say they’re with him. Thus turning out the Black vote becomes even more vital, not only for Clinton but the Democrats as a whole and as they can’t point to actual progress for Black America in the Obama years the only way to do so is to create a racial incident in the hopes of generating anger.

For this reason I suspect national Democrats consider Charlotte a godsend, a risky one to be sure, but as their panic in the party increases any methods however risky will be considered legit.

Fyi: If you wondered why the left has embraced the idea of relative truth, now you know.

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