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I can’t see how the Baltimore Orioles justify losing a one game winner take all game with Zach Britton on the bench, I mean what’s the point of having a guy who was 47 for 47 on the team in saves if you don’t use him in the situation where the entire season is literally on the line?

I’m old enough to remember when the MSM actually cared about their facade of objectivity but Hillary Clinton is such a bad I was looking at candidate that such considerations have become a luxury.

Even decades after his death there simply isn’t anyone who turns a comic phrase better than Groucho Marx.  His one liners are just as funny today as they were in the 1930’s.

You know Burger King used to be pretty good for fast food, now I can’t eat it without my stomach turning.

The easiest path to riches in the future will be as an eye or ear doctor who treats people in their 50’s and above who have spent decades squinting at tiny phone screens or with earbuds in their ears blasting away.

As Obamacare’s failures continue to multiply it’s very apparent that the smartest thing the GOP has done in the last decade was to not give Obamacare a single GOP vote.  All of these failures are owned by democrats and will continue to be forever.

Is anyone actually surprised that the IRS is still going after conservative groups?  And be assured that if they are willing to do this openly before an election, how much more shameless will they be in their attacks if Hillary Clinton wins.


It amazes me that more conservatives in general and Christians in particular are not using the laws concerning “hostile workplace environments” to sue employers, particularly large corporations.  Until that starts happening conservatives will continue to go more and more into the closet.

Cumberland Farms became a fast food takeout restaurant so quickly I didn’t even notice until it happened.