The Clinton campaign has aimed an ad right at Trump’s underbelly: assorted negative comments made by him about women. Clinton’s kicker: “is this the President we want for our daughters?”

Careful of that glass house you’re living in, Mrs. C.

This from the campaign of a woman who likes to say that women’s rights are human rights. At the same time, she promotes abortion, which effectively makes human rights conditional on whether an individual is “wanted.” My daughters know better. Does hers?

She touts the “Affordable” Care Act every chance she gets, which is not the same thing as supporting health care. Ask the women with high deductibles who are about to hear from their insurance companies how much more they have to pay for health insurance next year. I doubt that I’m the only woman who is avoiding urgent-care medical attention because it’s unaffordable. I haven’t heard Trump applaud that.

She’s determined to keep the “Affordable” Care Act’s HHS/contraceptive mandate in place. Remember that the ACA considers contraception for women to be “preventive” care, which implies that women are broken and need to be fixed. The same mandate is what’s keeping the Little Sisters of the Poor (among others) in court. Prosecuting nuns for exercising their right to choose not to subsidize employees’ contraceptive use? So much for standing by women. I don’t see Trump taking aim at nuns.

Clinton wants to eliminate the Hyde Amendment. The more public funding of abortion, the better, in Hillaryland. Don’t like that? Prepare to pay up and shut up during a Clinton Administration. Conscience rights be damned. Trump takes a different view of Hyde.

And then there’s Clinton’s recent gleeful question about Trump: “what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?” I guess that’s the shiny object that’s supposed to divert me from a more substantive question: what kind of Secretary of State “loses” tens of thousands of emails and gets away with it? Do we want our daughters governed by a politician who thinks she’s above the law and will not come clean about her actions?

As for remarks about women, it wasn’t Trump who called Gennifer Flowers “trailer trash”  or Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony tune.” In this campaign, Clinton has said that women who have endured sexual assault have the right to be believed. Tell it to Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey.

Is this the President we want for our daughters?

It’s a fair question to ask about Trump. It’s an urgent question to ask about Clinton.

Anyone who reads this site knows what I think of Hillary Clinton. Her election would enable and reward some of the most vile and corrupt behavior that we’ve ever seen from a potential president.

That being said I don’t see anything wrong with this:

The Clinton campaign has gotten a lot of flack for it:

Politico first reported that the Clinton campaign had planned to spend $63,000 on Weather Channel ads in Florida over a five-day stretch starting Thursday, just as the storm nears the coast.

Politico noted that Donald Trump and other candidates have advertised on the same channel this year. But the bid to capture support from anxious Florida residents in the path of a deadly storm that has triggered mass evacuation orders and is expected to strengthen soon into a destructive Category 4 created a bit of an optics problem.

“If they’re out being too political at a time when the country has its prayers with the people affected, I think it could backfire,” Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told Fox News earlier Thursday, before the delay was announced.

And has cut and run on:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign said Thursday that it is asking cable systems in Florida not to run its advertisements on the Weather Channel with Hurricane Matthew bearing down on the state — after Republicans seized on the planned ads as opportunistic.

And many of my fellow conservatives are crowing:

Just a few nights ago VP candidate Tim Kaine made the pitch that Hillary Clinton was defined by a lifetime of public service. Kaine said, “As a civil rights lawyer in the South, with the Children’s Defense Fund, first lady of Arkansas and this country, senator, secretary of state, it’s always been about putting others first.”

It doesn’t look like that’s what her team was doing in Florida. It looks like they were advancing her politically by any means necessary. I’m sure we’ll soon hear how she knew nothing about this. Some junior staffer did it without consulting anyone. If pressed perhaps her team will blame it on Colin Powell.

Now politics isn’t beanbag and we’ve seen plenty of spin by the left to turn nothing burgers into scandal and you never know what is going to move voters.

But it seems to me that unless the Weather Channel is going completely without ads I see no reason why a Hillary Clinton ad is any more offensive than an ad for dog food, viagra or  NiQuil.

Hillary Clinton is a vile person who has made herself rich off of her public “service”, left Americans to die when they called for help and been a dismal failure as secretary of state, there are plenty of reasons do despise and critique her.

But in my opinion running ads on a channel because people are watching it isn’t one of them.

Closing thought:  What does it say about the voting public that the Clinton Campaign figures that the things I’ve listed aren’t moving voters to reject her but they’re afraid this ad buy will?

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