Ten Unpleasant Facts about the election and the Future

As we near the home stretch there are several apparent facts that need to be stated some of them very unpleasant.

My prediction concerning media bias going beyond anything we can imagine has proven more right than I thought. The best example of this have been the wikileaks revelation as the media’s story has been driven by the Democrat “outrage” over the leaks rather than what has actually been leaked.

The O’Keefe tape of a NYC commissioner openly admitting vote fraud on hidden camera at a gathering that he thought was closed, would in any normal time be earth shaking, but because of thought number one they will barely register a blip because to acknowledge this reality is to risk losing wealth and power.

The problem of money in politics is not so much the problem of the money spent on elections but the monetary rewards of victory which allows the winners to direct tax dollars and contracts allowing connected people to be enriched off the taxpayer dime and consequently be rewarded with well paying position for friends and family during their time in office and comfort for themselves.

The corally to the above statement is this, once the financial rewards of victory are great enough then the incentive to either cheat or show bias become overwhelming to the point where the idea that a side holding this patronage and power would NOT cheat, lie, defraud or even use violence to keep it is naive in the extreme.

No amount of reality is going to trump a well placed lie if the lie: 1. Affirms the self righteousness of those who choose to believe (or pretend to believe it). 2. Involves no risk to status, employment or position as opposed to the reality. 3. Requires no action. The only exception to this is if there is a perceived risk of death from the ignoring said reality. One a person perceives that ignoring reality places either their lives, fortunes or comfort in danger will they act upon reality.

All of this demonstrates why great moral and cultural truths need to be constantly reinforced. Human nature tends towards selfishness, cowardice, ignorance, indolence, self deception and self destruction and is furthermore easily manipulated (if you don’t believe me spend an hour watching commercials) Unless you constantly remind people of the good and right they will forever slip back. This is also why you have to a teenager 15 times to take out the trash even though it’s been their assigned job for years.

All of these problems can be directly traced to the decision to abandon the culture war, as long as the Judeo Christian Culture prevailed and people had a sense of absolute truth and right and that there were eternal consequences for it and our culture and schools were affirming this. All of the problems above were controllable. There would naturally be some degree of corruption and cowardice because of human weakness but the overall culture would limit the damage. That is why the culture was always target #1 for the left and why our enemies unable to cope with our military might wisely made the pivot to culture.

When Ben Franklin answered: “a republic, if you can keep it.” when asked what kind of government was decided on after the constitutional convention, It was this moment that he was referring to. A moment when the breaking point between the people’s willingness and ability to govern themselves would be tested by apathy, indifference, ignorance and cowardice.

If you are a conservative I suspect the near future (5-10) years is going to be some of the hardest and most daunting time of your live. You need to decide if you want to arm yourself, because before the end of my days it’s very possible that you are going to have to decide if you are going to submit or fight or be persecuted and simply endure.

No amount of cultural decay, political and media corruption or lies changes eternal truths or the eternal consequences of ignoring them, nor our obligation to do our best, despite our sinful human nature, to be living examples of the Life of Christ. No matter the country, the culture or the society you are in, the temporal destiny of every single human is death. And the eternal destiny of every single human being will be decided by how we deal with said eternal truth.

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