While the MSM keeps pretending there is nothing to see here, James O’Keefe continues to get stuff like this on camera:

“central agator training” in NY, DC, Vegas, Colorado, Minnesota etc…, using mentally disabled people as pawns?

And that’s not even taking into account last week’s video concerning bussing folks to vote multiple times

And the media dares to tell us the fix isn’t in?

Exit Question: Given the revolving door between the MSM and the Democrat party how many people in the media new this was going on for years or perhaps decades but will tell us that they have had no idea such stuff is going on…


By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT  — The state of public education in America is frightening.  I say this as someone on the front lines of education and as one who has been teaching in an urban area high school for twenty years.

I love my job, but trust me when I tell you that if Bel Kaufman had not already written Up the Down Staircase, I would totally write that book.  In fact, I have a file folder labeled Up the Down Staircase in which I collect things I would put in that book if I wrote it.  It amuses me on those days when nothing goes right.

The United States military is famous for its use of acronyms but the military has nothing on public education. A recent email from administration urged us to attend our PLC meeting to help construct our SLTs which should reflect improvement on the SPS and SIQ and should perhaps reflect PBIS factors or EOC, ACT, PSAT factors. The PGP and SLT should be entered into HCIS, ASAP.

To that end, when shows like Vice Principals come around, I find great enjoyment in them.  Vice Principals was recently reviewed in The Atlantic, but I think the author is taking the show entirely too seriously. The show was generally panned by critics but I thoroughly enjoyed it and could “identify” almost every character in it. My co-workers and I whooped with glee when we saw the ex-hippie English teacher who most certainly was the female form of a male English teacher on our faculty. Sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves.

The episode about “restorative justice” where kids aren’t suspended because it now reflects poorly on the SPS (school performance score) was spot on. Teachers are discouraged from writing referrals and in Vice Principals, students are sent to The Circle Room where they eat popcorn, sit on beanbag chairs, and talk out their conflicts.  This is so close to the truth you’d be shocked.

The truth is, more and more, teaching has become teaching the test; in public schools across the nation kids aren’t taught to think anymore but instead are taught how to find the right answer.  The luxury of mental exploration is lost. The love of discovery is no more. All of this teaching to the test puts more and more pressure on teachers and leads to more and more teacher burnout.

I’m not sure what the answer is for American public education. I do think we have to get away from this testing mentality. The suits are so focused on accountability and all of the accountability is falling onto the wrong shoulders. Going to school should foster a love of learning in kids rather than dread of the test.

Something has got to change.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.


Henry Gondorff: It’s not like playing winos in the street. You can’t outrun …
Hooker: [Interrupting] I don’t play for no winos.
Henry Gondorff: …you gotta keep his con, even after you spent his money. He can’t know you took him.
Hooker: You’re scared of him!
Henry Gondorff: Right down to my socks buster. You’re talking about a guy wou’ll kill a grifter over a chunk of money wouldn’t support him for two days.

The Sting 1973

Screwtape: I have known a human defended from strong temptations to social ambition by a still stronger taste for tripe and onions.

CS Lewis Screwtape 8

The united outrage of the media over Donald Trump is, in many ways completely unfathomable.

It’s not his positions, are plenty of pols who from Ted Cruz to Herman Cain from Ronald Reagan to Barry Goldwater and more who have advocated positions similar to these.

It’s not his language. There have been plenty of Pols who have had untamed mouths and saucy speech from Jim Curley to Jim Traficant who have been on the scene.

It’s not his wealth, the number of very rich people who have run for office from Mike Bloomberg to George Washington to JFK likely can’t be counted.

It’s not even the alleged way he has treated women: Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy , need I say more?

No, to the media the crime of Donald trump, the ultimate crime, the crime that can’t be forgiven is he has revealed the big con.

Years ago I spoke to a pol who told me of a piece of wisdom an elderly office holder gave him when he first entered public life. He said most of it was a grift about making a comfortable living for yourself and if you’re very lucky you might just do some good along the way. Of course if your goal is to make that living you can’t let the people in on the con.

Thus the higher you go up the chain, the bigger the rewards for the position you have, and the more dependent you are on the con being maintained, because without that con you can’t get the wealth, the status or might risk being rejected by the arbiters of acceptability.

And that’s where Donald Trump throws a wrench into the system.

Unlike all the others who have talked about  voter fraud, media bias, that the fix is in, Donald Trump is different.

  • He’s not dependent on either the political system or the media for the wealth he has amassed.
  • He’s got a built in fan base that all of the media’s efforts won’t be able to destroy
  • He doesn’t give a tinker cuss about what any of these people, who for decades treated him as a golden boy for ratings, copy and money who abandoned him think about him anymore.

He is like a rich man who had somehow convinced himself that a trophy wife loved him being showed tapes of that trophy wife in bed with her lover and at a party with her friends telling both that she never really loved her husband, it was all about what he could do for him, and wants revenge.

And that revenge is to expose the big con on a platform so large they can’t prevent a large amount of the public for seeing that they’ve been played for decades.

Personally I don’t think the price the media and the system are going to pay is worth it.

Closing thoughts. You might wonder if Mr. Trump is worried about the vengeance that both the system and media will take on him after the election is done, particularly if he loses. Alas for them both the now undeluded Trump knows three things.

  1. As soon as the election is over those same people out for his blood right now will still have designs on the wealth and will be coming back hat in hand for a piece of it (and boy will he make them pay for it).
  2. There is nothing stopping him from buying dying papers and making his own competing media putting those in fear of the diminishing job prospects in the press, in an interesting spot.
  3. He’s also rich enough that if the entire media and government system decided they want revenge, he has enough that he, his children and his grandchildren can live full comfortable lives till the end of their days..

In other words short of actually killing him or his loved ones, they can’t do a thing to him, and he has the wealth and power to keep himself and his family secure.

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