The first female candidate for President of the United States celebrated her 69th birthday by dancing salsa with a dwarf and getting a bottle of tequila,

On Tuesday, the Democratic presidential candidate paid a visit to El Gordo y La Flaca, the popular variety chat show on Spanish-language channel Univisión – and it was one of the most unrestrained appearances of her campaign. Clinton was personable, relaxed and, thanks to the nature of the show, fully committed to having some fun. During the show, Clinton danced to Marc Anthony, practiced her Spanish and was even serenaded by Bronx-born singer Prince Royce and a mariachi band for her 69th birthday, on Wednesday

You can (if you must) watch her practice Spanish,

Since that is not enough,

After her interview with the hosts, Clinton revealed that Puerto Rican power duo Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were joining forces, again, for a free concert in support of Clinton in Miami.

Puerto Rican Marc Anthony had already endorsed Clinton in a prior concert and he was booed, but never mind that; ‘Abuela’ Clinton panders for Latino votes on the tabloid TV show of Cubans Raúl De Molina, aka El Gordo, and Lili Estefan, aka La Flaca, as Dominican Prince Royce sang happy birthday, while she declares Mexican food her favorite.

Holy enchilada! Four countries pandered to in one show!

The South Americans must be pale with envy. Jaime Bayly, who has spent months praising Hillary in his MegaTV show, must be having the vapors.

Mercifully, no cigars were lit.

Where Hillary shows up, the Clinton Foundation must not be far: Indeed, La Flaca is a cousin of Emilio Estefan, who hosted with his wife Gloria a Clinton Foundation fundraiser in 2014,

A spokeswoman for the Estefans said the Clinton Foundation brings together businesses, governments, NGOs and individuals to improve wellness and global health, increase opportunity for women and girls, reduce childhood obesity, create economic opportunity and growth, and help communities address the effects of climate change.

Yes, money can buy you Clinton’s love: Univision‘s Executive Chairman and Clinton Foundation megadonor Haim Saban had emailed on April 12, 2015

both Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and Univision’s then-President of News and Fusion CEO Isaac Lee- a follow-up from prior phone conversations- and directs them to contact each other. Lee (set to deliver his infamous “Nazis” talk at UT-Austin the very next day) agrees to meet with Podesta “ASAP”, and the two ultimately agree on a breakfast meeting.

The purpose of this breakfast meeting is revealed in a later email from Fusion Senior VP and Chief Strategy Officer (now President) Boris Gartner, who joined Lee and Podesta for breakfast at the Four Seasons

As Newsbusters puts it, Univision is a liberal special interest group with a news division.

Fausta Rodriguez Wertz writes on U.S. and Latin American politics, news, and culture at Fausta’s Blog.

The greatest maker of Republican voters since Ronald Reagan is Barack Obama

Michael Graham 2010

If you say the words “9/11” conservative everyone knows what you mean.

It refers to a person who after seeing the events of 9/11 realized that the policy of enabling and excusing radical Islamists could not continue and decided that the liberal policies that objected to fighting them simply enables those who want to kills us.

While some of those 9/11 conservatives have since slipped back to liberalism (Charles Johnson of Little Green footballs comes to mind) most have not forgotten the lessons of 9/11.

We as conservatives did not reject these 9/11 conservatives because of their past beliefs or voting records any more than your church will reject a convert because of their past. That’s as it should be as the whole idea of conversion is for a person to change their past to go to a better future.

And that brings us to Donald Trump.

I’m sure that when Donald Trump praised both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008 he meant it, he truly believed that Barack Obama would be an excellent president and that Hillary Clinton would excel as Secretary of State.

  • Then we had obamacare
  • and Fast and Furious
  • and the withdrawal from Iraq that lead to the rise of ISIS
  • and civil war in Syria
  • and the doubling of the national debt
  • and the IRS targeting conservatives
  • the Clinton email scandal
  • the attacks on religious freedom
  • and the 2nd Amendment
  • the rise of the Occupy Movement and the resulting violence
  • and the demonization of police
  • and riots in Baltimore, Charlotte, and Ferguson

In fact it didn’t take all of this for people to start figuring it out. This is the reason why the Tea Party rose up, this is the reason why Scott Brown won in 2010. And this what Michael Graham was talking about in his speech to the Plymouth County GOP back Sept 1st 2010 before the first Big Red Wave that elected so many Republicans that year (which is why the GOP has so many seats to defend this year.

Given these facts I offer the following proposition:

As so many people have rejected the Democrat party thanks to the policies advanced by Barack Obama, is it not credible that Donald Trump would have done the same, and if that is the case, why are we attacking him for his past statements as some conservatives have, rather than celebrating him for concluding that we conservatives are right and he was wrong?

After all when Trump supported Romney over Obama in 2012 I didn’t see anybody writing articles like this claiming that Romney should not accept his support because he was a secret democrat, did they?

In fairness it is possible that Trump has embraced conservative for his own aggrandizement and that he is all his critics say he is. I have quite a few friends who believe this and I presume they do in good faith.

However I suspect that as a billionaire experienced in the way the world works he likely understands that his own personal freedom and flexibility to do what he wants will decrease rather than increase if he is elected president. Furthermore he is apparently willing to risk his popularity with a large portion of his customer base to do so, after all the rich and powerful in liberal run cities are a large part of his customer base, do you think for one moment that those who have targeted ordinary conservatives will not do their best to make an example of Mr. Trump from this point on?

I think it’s much more likely that Donald Trump is a “Barack Obama conservative”, one of the many Americans who have seen what the Obama years have brought about and the fact that the election of Democrats in general and Hillary Clinton in particular will continue us on that path and decided that something had to be one.

It’s just that unlike most Americans who came to that conclusion and have given time and effort to the Tea Party movement and others, Mr. Trump’s wealth and influence meant that he could make a difference on a larger scale.

Anyways that’s what I think.

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