Trouble’s Up Side

by baldilocks I voted. You should, too. To up your literacy quotient and gain an insight into human nature, read this Kevin Williamson piece: What I have found most interesting about the recent investigations into [T.S.] Eliot is not the high-minded work of the poet and critic at the height of his powers but the … Continue reading Trouble’s Up Side

Pennsylvania Dreamin’

Anyone who thinks Pennsylvania is a safe state for Hillary Clinton is dead wrong. Even though the Keystone State hasn’t gone for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988, Donald Trump knows that winning Pennsylvania is critical to his bid for the White House. That’s why he and his surrogates have spent a great deal of … Continue reading Pennsylvania Dreamin’

Ten Final Election Day Thoughts Under the Fedora

Today is election day or if you are in a state with early voting the last day to make your decision. I'm wondering how many people in early voting states waited till the last-minute because they hadn't made up their minds or if they like me, just didn't bother going early. One of the things … Continue reading Ten Final Election Day Thoughts Under the Fedora