The shock still hasn’t worn off on the left. Donald Trump’s and the GOP Senate’s unexpected victories on Tuesday derailed many of the plans the liberals had for the next two years and they’re not taking the news well. They’re going to be angry for a while. On the right, it’s imperative that we start focusing on the one thing that was absent throughout the election cycle: discussion of issues.

This long campaign season was flooded with scandals and controversies that often left the actual issues facing everyday Americans on the sidelines. What are we going to do to fix the national debt? If Obamacare can be replaced, what will the replacement look like? Is abortion going to find its way onto the agenda or are we simply supposed to let Trump plug in conservative judges and call it a day?

How are we going to defend the nation against further cyberattacks? What do we do to keep terrorists out of the country? How do we prevent homegrown terrorists from being indoctrinated and potent? Is there a viable solution to the refugee crisis around the world?

How do we really increase jobs without embracing the short term solution of “fair” trade? Will we be able to prevent an increase in the federal minimum wage or will the GOP succumb to pressure? How are we going to address our oil dependency on the Middle East?

I can continue to list dozens of issues that need to not only be discussed but that also need real solutions. In every case above, there are huge question marks because we’ve never received a proper answer, at least not a consistent one. Paul Ryan has offered some solutions but most wouldn’t work while the others would be impractical (though I haven’t examined their proposed solution for healthcare at this point). What about from the White House? There was a lot of necessary ambiguity during the campaign on all of these issues. For example, Trump has both supported and opposed a national minimum wage hike. His most recent answer was to consider a $10 federal minimum wage. Is that still on the table? Would Congress sign off on that? Can we talk them out of it?

The GOP got its wish. Mission accomplished. Now, it’s time to lay out plans. We have two years to prove that the Republican plan can work. Folks, that isn’t a lot of time. Obama accomplished nothing in his two years with control of the House and Senate. Trump can’t make the same mistake or he’ll suffer the same fate of losing control of at least one if not both chambers in 2018. Please don’t tell me to give them room to breath. We’re already behind the eight ball and the clock is ticking.

To turn on CNN today is to realize that the MSM has learned absolutely nothing from this election. They went on an on about how President elect Trump, will have to moderate and reach out to Democrats. This is nonsense, his first duty is to the people who elected him and if they wanted the Democrat agenda they would have voted for it. He certainly owes nothing but disdain for a media that actively opposed him, demonized him and berated him. I’m presuming that Trump is smart enough to understand that this is the same MSM which did all they could to defeat him trying to co-opt him.

As I type this Kelly Ayotte has just conceded her race against Maggie Hassan, I’m sure the state will find as Massachusetts, Ct and RI will that having no members in the majority of congress will not advance their interests. This is something I warned in my own district to no avail, and given that the GOP generally does better in midterms that inability it’s only going to get worse for blue states, governor Baker’s optimism not withstanding.

If you are a political consultant this is a day of infamy. Clinton outspent Trump by a huge amount, just as Jeb had, with the end result that she managed to lose states that hadn’t gone to a republican since the Reagan years. Stephen K Bannon and Kellyanne Conway demonstrated that the only thing these consultant excel at are drawing a paycheck. It will be very interesting to see if future candidates note this and act accordingly.

As I’m typing this large protests are taking place in Democrat cities and strongholds so the whole “unity” business didn’t last all that much. This is obviously no surprise, when you build your party on entitlement, when you are encouraged by media who excuse you when you riot and destroy you are unlikely to act like a civilized man when things don’t go your way. As David French put it:

I expect the MSM to encourage this stuff and I expect Donald Trump to treat them with all the respect that they show him.

At 5 AM yesterday at work I told a fellow at work: “Expect Barack Obama to issue a pardon to Hillary before the end of her term.” Already the question is being asked aloud. I am predicting we will see it by mid January as soon as the Obama administration finishes the shredding spree that if it hasn’t already started will begin before the start of next week. The only reason, in my opinion that Joe Biden was preventing from running, that Barack Obama consented to support Hillary was to keep her from talking, a blanket pardon is the only guarantee of this, particularly if we see an aggressive prosecutor at justice.

Right now Mitch McConnell willingness to stand up to the MSM and pressure to keep a vote on Barack Obama’s SCOTUS nominee is looking like the single most important decision made by a party leader in the last quarter century. I have a lot of beefs with McConnell but if you are a conservative we owe him big time. Furthermore the fools in the party who wanted to fast track Garland under the fear that Hillary was going to win have been shown as the cowardly fools that they are. And as Tim Kaine was talking about using the Nuclear option to get Hillary’s Justices in office when elected I suggest Senator McConnell do the same.

Right now the Peso is tanking and the reality that the US is going to actually have a southern border is sinking in. If Mexico wants to make a deal on the wall, the time is now because once a proposed tax on remittances to Mexico comes up in congress Mexico’s only possible comment on the wall is going to be “how high do you want it?”

It will be quite interesting to see the contributions to the Clinton Foundation over the next four years. Now that it’s clear that there will be no actual return I suspect contributions will dry up fast and staff will be laid off quickly.

The Election of Donald Trump doesn’t guarantee that the country will be saved, it guarantees us a chance to save it, if we are willing to work hard and do the right thing, it’s up to us. A president can set the tone but the people have to save themselves.

Finally the Election of Donald Trump puts a heavy responsibility on folks like me who supported Ted Cruz and decided to support Trump once he won. It will be on us to keep him honest on his conservative promises and to call him if he doesn’t deliver.