15 Million reasons why the left is Demonizing Stephen Bannon

Back when Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency I wrote a post titled: We Take Donald Trump Lightly at our Peril and Cruz supprter that I was noted that Donald Trump had one advantage that other candidates not named Hillary Clinton did not:

trump twitter

2.9 MILLION. He has more people following him on twitter than all the candidates above combined except Rubio & Paul and easily has more than double of the two of them combined.

And explained what that meant

It means his campaign can get an unfiltered message out to nearly 3 million people instantly, without worrying about what the media will say. In one tweet his words will reach almost as many people as CNN, MSNBC & Fox draw in primetime COMBINED.

This proved vital because one of the primary advantages the MSM provides to the left is the ability to control the narrative and define their foes. Trump’s fame meant he was already defined and his large Twitter following meant that he could control his own narrative

18 months latter the whole “control the narrative” business has gotten harder to wit


So problem: How does the MSM go after Trump when he is in even a better position to bypass them.

Answer Stephen Bannon:

Stephen Bannon, formally of Breitbart news is not a social media giant. Not only does he have under 20K followers, he hasn’t bothered to tweet in over two years.

And while under his leadership Breitbart News has expanded to the point where we have Breitbart Texas, Breitbart London, Breitbart Jerusalem, Breitbart California giving them a huge reach in terms of stories the MSM has studiously ignored, downplayed or dismissed any story from Breitbart News and irrelevant, treating Breitbart news much like they did Andrew Breitbart himself.

This means these stats notwithstanding

Stephen Bannon is completely and utterly definable by the MSM in a way that Donald Trump is not.

Thus we can expect the full court press on Bannon for as long as possible. He will be hounded, derided and attacked as a way to go after Donald Trump, and this will continue even if the president elect uses his direct line to the American people to stand by him and call out the MSM for the liars they are. (Which he should do immediately). It’s classic alinsky, personalize and attack, if they can’t get Trump, go after Bannon in the hopes that enough heat scares the GOP to try to get them to nudge him out.

On the bright side, Bannon is experienced enough in terms of how the press works and the president elect is experienced enough in media to see this for what it is and not let it get him off track. He’s not going to panic, the only question is will GOP members in congress learn from that example or let themselves be played by the MSM confirming the label “the stupid party” that they earned.

Closing thought: As a person who knew and liked Andrew Breitbart as I do Stephen Bannon I find the sudden faux respect for Andrew Breitbart that the left is proclaiming in their attacks on him (the whole “Andrew would be turning in his grave” business) only slightly less offensive than the false attacks on him. It demonstrates that the fastest way or a conservative to gain the respect of the MSM is to die.

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