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The Big Bang Theory: The Veracity Elasticity 2016

If you want to know what the MSM hates Trump so much this is it

How DARE the President Elect completely bypass the MSM by putting a message up on Youtube summarizing his plans in such a way that excludes the need for the MSM at all.

Doesn’t he know that it’s up to the MSM to excerpt what he says and tell us what he means? I mean cripes, if he gets his message directly to the people unedited how are we going to convince them that he’s actually saying something else?

And let me tell you that lobbying ban is going to make the whole draining the swamp business a whole lot easier as people looking for such positions will weed themselves out of the running

Update: Next time I’ll link direct to the transition site.

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – I’ve been teaching high school for twenty years and I’ve never seen students so tuned in to a national election before.

I teach in a high-poverty, inner city school with a very large ethnic population. We have a large number of black kids, Hispanic kids, Muslim kids, and then white kids that comprise our student population. Their greatest fear is that they will be “sent back” to wherever Donald Trump thinks they are from.  I’ve tried to ease their fears but they are hearing otherwise from the adults in their lives and they are scared.

The Atlantic is running an article now about how teachers are using the election in their classrooms. One teacher, for example,

…turned to Harry Potter, specifically a line in which Dumbledore, the young wizard’s mentor, reminds the boy that “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” That lesson choice assumes that most of her students were feeling upset about the election results. … Many of the children are Latino and came from families worried about deportation.

Our school is rather small – about 650 kids, and we have always been like a family. Our students have always been the most accepting, most inclusive, most tolerant kids I’ve ever seen. Even in the face of this divisive election, they have not turned on each other as some schools are reporting. We are blessed, in that respect.

But I do wonder about what they are hearing outside of school.

The head of the National Association of School Psychologists, Kathy Cowan, says:

“Schools perform a stabilizing function,” Cowan said. “They have to deal with everything the country throws at them.” Children are also barometers of adult anxieties and behavior, according to Jeanice Kerr Swift, the superintendent of Ann Arbor Public Schools in Michigan. “Regardless of who folks voted for, the election has not been a positive and uplifting experience,” Swift said. But “we focus on learning and not on things that will be upsetting to [children].”

It’s true that schools are stabilizers for the myriad events going on in these kids’ lives and it can sometimes be a tricky business to strike the right balance between sticking to the curriculum and calming their fears. This of course varies with the age group. Above all it is important that as teachers we don’t project our own agenda or bias on our students.

That being said, this is a great opportunity for those teachers in history or civics classes to teach lessons on checks and balances, on the electoral college, on the very basics and foundations of our governmental processes which are all things many adults seem to have forgotten.

And the best lesson that can be taught is to accept defeat with graciousness, use it to regroup and refocus, and to channel your frustration in productive ways.  Whereas Kathy Cowan said that “the election has not been a positive and uplifting experience,” I think we have the potential to make it so.

We don’t have to succumb to the name calling, the violence, the threats, the pettiness that we have seen from so many.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

There are two measures by which the future Trump Administration will be measured.

One of them is the standard of conservative wonks like me who are looking for specific things, the wall, a proper vetting of legal immigration, the war on Islamic terror, pro-life justices on the supreme court. A person like me is going to judge the success or failure of a Trump by his ability to achieve, or failure to do these tangible concrete things.

However there is a 2nd standard, a standard that is the one generally used by those who do not follow politics every single day. The standard of expectations. Will a Trump administration be as good or as bad as they expect?

This standard rather than objective is subjective and thanks to our friends on the left, Trump is well on his way to winning this expectations game even before being sworn in.

Right now the most ignorant and crazy of leftists are carrying the message, in bought and paid for protests all over the nation that a Trump administration is going to bring internment camps, midnight raids on innocent civilians, the end of contraception in America and the re enslavement of blacks etc etc etc. True to form the MSM in print, online and on TV are repeating and amplifying this message convincing many on the left that it’s the gospel truth.

But what happens when after four years of Trump as president and the GOP in control of the house and senate:

Black America not only finds themselves unenslaved but with their voting rights intact
Gay Americans still find the LOGO network on the air, gay bars not closed & themselves not closeted?
Muslim Americans find themselves still living in their homes and operating their businesses?
Latinos Americans (as opposed to illegal immigrants) completely unexpelled?
American women find that contraception is not outlawed and regularly available anyone?

I’ll tell you what, both the Average citizen and the college leftists who has been assured that all these things were inevitable will find themselves thinking that Donald Trump isn’t bad, particularly if all this is accompanied by economic growth here and the containment of terror abroad.

That’s why Trump isn’t giving all that much attention to the protestors and their media allies, if they insist on setting the bar as low as humanly possible Donald Trump will go along

After all it’s easy to hurdle a bar that’s buried underground.