Fidel Castro, slave master to his fellow countrymen, is finally and officially dead.

The Organized Left’s Idea of a Great Leader has already been cremated. Last evening a memorial service, featuring a B-list of presidents and representatives of governments across several continents, eulogized the tyrant, and

From Wednesday, Mr. Castro’s ashes will be slowly taken east, tracing in reverse the route he and his bearded guerrillas took in late 1958 as they closed in on Havana and the seizure of power. On Sunday, his remains will be laid to rest in Santiago de Cuba, where Mr. Castro’s revolution began.

The inhabitants of the hell below are now compelled to show carefully orchestrated displays of public sorrow.

Castro’s ashes are at Granma Room of the Armed Forces Ministry building, where the public is not allowed. Instead, the crowds are directed to the José Martí Memorial, where they are to pay their respects to a portrait of Castro and a display of medals that may or may not have been his. (link in Spanish)

The Communist regime issued guidelines for the official mourning period:
1. Cubans are forbidden from saying “Good morning” (“Buenos días”) to each other.
2. No alcohol is allowed.
3. Nightlife, the lifeblood of tourism, is shut down.
4. No loud music.
5. The neighborhood watchmen, Comités de la Revolución, are keeping track of any violations to the above rules. They also keep track who shows up (or doesn’t) to sign the book of condolences at the 1,000 designated locations across the island prison after standing in line for hours under the hot sun.
6. Mourners are also compelled to sign a statement of commitment to the Revolución.

Not being allowed to display the most basic civility – “good morning” – to your fellow man is emblematic of Communism’s goal: crushing the human spirit.

But what else can you expect from a regime whose leader exsanguinated people to sell their blood before their execution?

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“You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.'”

2 Samuel 12:12

The left’s quest for a recount continues despite a lot of critique and laughter going on at them.

Additionally there is worry by dems about the effect of these recounts on how they’re perceived:

by waiting two weeks, we have undermined our credibility with the public and will be seen as sore losers,” Mollineau added. “And the last thing Democrats should be doing is giving the American people any reason to feel sympathy for Donald Trump.

The president has managed to troll them quite a bit both by hitting Clinton as a sore loser and by bringing up up people voting illegally. The later caused the MSM to attack him directly for it but given the MSM reputation for both accuracy and truthfulness that’s likely a plus.

But there is one thing that the President Elect can do that could turn Jill Stein’s Green Party fundraiser into a Democrat disaster.

If I was the Trump campaign I’d say: You want a recount? Fine, let’s assure the entire country that the election is on the up an up, lets add NY, and CA and NH and MH and Illinois.

I’m sure machine pols in NY, the folks using gang members turn out votes in Chicago the folks in Ca running up the Hillary’s popular vote score and the people who have bussed students to NH for years will be delighted to see scrutiny descend on them.

Let’s put everything on the table and see what’s there, I’ll bet it will be fun