This flashback post stands up well because there is a reason why warranties are the length they are.

What a difference a year makes

When mentioning my Inspirion 1150 in the past I’ve said it never gave me any trouble. My warranty ran out three weeks ago.

On Saturday I installed a friends copy of CIV IV to see if the graphics card of my laptop could handle it and sad to say the wife will NOT be getting me it for Christmas (and as we’ve established I’m too cheap to buy a new pc just for a game).

This morning I was coming into work early to cover for a friend, booted up my laptop and rushed to do something that was going to take 10 minutes. I figured no problem, by the time I was back it would be booted and ready to log in. Instead I found a highly interesting blue screen of death.

If the problem persists I might reinstall the system files from the cd or run a sfc scannow

I restarted the system and it came up but the timing reminded me of this Day-by-Daycartoon below.

day by day 10-23-2005.gif

Eric always buys extended warranties with laptops, I didn’t. We will soon see if he is right and I am toast.

Posted by Peter at November 14, 2005 09:18 AM


The Chris Muir Comment on that post is worth reprinting as well:


Peter, as a product designer who is well-versed with production methods, I can tell you for a fact that products today are very carefully engineered for a certain amount of time and no more.

I can recall the good ol’ MaBell phones that would take a tank round before they’d break. No more, it’s all crap from China.

I thought I’d type this out quick like as the warranty on this Mac I’m using sta

Posted by: chris Muir at November 14, 2005 12:22 PM


ah memories

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – Finally, today, the Electoral College meets across the nation to name the next president. No one really expects any surprises to come of this process despite much whining and last ditch appeals from the left.

Yesterday on this blog, my colleague J. D. Rucker wrote about this process and touched on the absurd Unite for America video that began running last week in which a group of disgruntled has-been celebrities plead for the electors to “vote your conscience” and select someone other than Donald Trump for president.  The first I heard of this video was last night; I was watching something on television and the ad popped up during the commercial break. I was half listening, checking my cell phone, when the gist of the video began to seep in.  “What in the world?!….” I thought.  Incredible.

At any rate, then I came across the plaintive plea by Michael Moore on Facebook in which he, too, pleads with electors “to vote your conscience and PLEASE do not put our nation in danger by choosing Donald J. Trump.” He goes on to insist that Trump cares nothing about being president and that he’s a danger to the country:

Trump, as I’m sure deep down in your heart you know, is never going to last the four years. He doesn’t care about the law or following the rules and this will eventually trip him up. You know how dangerous it is when any politician, Democrat or Republican, who’s a super narcissist is elected to office, they start making decisions that personally benefit themselves — and before you know it, they’re being hauled off to jail. Why not vote tomorrow for someone who’s going to finish her/his term? Why risk the volatile presence of Donald Trump in the White House — and help to guarantee another generation of Dems in the Oval Office?!

Really, I’m not sure Moore is known for this ability to see into the future, but perhaps he knows something we don’t.

The electors do seem to be prepared to fulfil their obligation to vote as directed, however, and the left will have to come to grips with it, just as Republicans did eight years ago. The pendulum always swings back.

In Louisiana, as well as many other states, the process will be carried live stream.

We can expect this nonsense to continue throughout Trump’s presidency; he will be challenged at every step. Just as the right (myself included) railed against every Obama step, the left will do the same to Trump. Each side believes themselves to be justified in their indignation. It’s American politics. As citizens, we should always keep a wary eye on our political leaders; some of them are crooked and evil indeed. Some are not.

The day we let a bunch of washed up celebrities overthrow our great American political process, we are done. Their effort to stay relevant is depressing.

As Americans, the one thing we ought be able to unite behind is the sanctity of our transfer of power and the political process. There must be something that binds us.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

A few weeks ago the Daily Mail ran an incorrect story concerning Mike Huckabee as the new ambassador to Israel and concluded that like the annual four year cycle of presidential candidates promising to move the US embassy to Jerusalem then backing out is about to end permanently:

Huckabee, an ordained Baptist preacher and electric bass player, will become the tip of Trump’s spear as he seeks to shake up U.S. foreign relations in the Middle East, beginning with relocating America’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

‘That’s going to happen,’ the transition official said. ‘Governor Huckabee is going to see it through.’

Well several weeks later we now know Trump’s ambassador to Israel is going to be David Friedman and it looks like while the Mail got the name wrong the end result might be the same:

Donald Trump’s choice for ambassador to Israel said he recognizes Jerusalem as the nation’s capital, breaking with longstanding U.S. foreign policy.

David Friedman, a bankruptcy lawyer, said in a statement that as ambassador he would work to “strengthen the unbreakable bond between our two countries and advance the cause of peace within the region, and look forward to doing this from the U.S. embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem,”

And the left (particularly J-Street which in my opinion seems to have the same relationship with the arabs as the rebels and deputy governor Quinn did with the Daleks in Power of the Daleks) is melting down big over it:

David Friedman is a prominent and successful attorney in New York who has spent 20 years representing Donald Trump, among other clients. He is also a proud Jew who holds unapologetic pro-Israel views that are heretical in Times-world, and he has also expressed acid disdain for the kind of Jewish anti-Israel activism regularly glorified in the pages of the Times.

So he must be destroyed—and to destroy him he must be lied about. Which is what the Times did.

The report, by Matthew Rosenberg, is a caricature of political frustration and resentment masquerading as news. The headline, of course, is “Trump Chooses Hard-Liner As Ambassador to Israel,” the phrase “hard-liner” being an all-purpose Times denigration of anyone who holds political views anathema to liberals, but never as a description of liberals who hold views anathema to conservatives.

While the left would disagree the likelihood that “Next Year in Jerusalem” is actually going to be true as far as the embassy goes is brilliant for several reasons,

  1. It puts all those crying “Trump anti-Semitism” into a bad box trying to explain to voters how this reconciles with their false meme of Trump the anti-Semite with this move.  And while the MSM will likely endorse the spin given to explain it, it won’t fly with voters.
  2. It takes advantage of the protests against Trump.  Any such move would likely be greeted by loud objections by the press, muslims and arab nations, but when everyone is already protesting and yelling about your very existence, such voices are likely to not be heard over the already existing din.  Perhaps Trump will thank these fools for ironically making the move easier for his administration.
  3. While the MSM has not talked about it.  The Democrat left and college campuses have become hotbeds of antisemitism on the left.  This move will undoubtedly produce angry proclamations about Jews that will be most embarrassing to the left and easily thrown in the face of both the MSM and the Democrat party.
  4. Before the election we saw businesses and nations which said things contrary to Trump’s positions suddenly change direction and embrace them.  Once the US puts the embassy in Jerusalem it’s not only going to stay there but I suspect a lot of other nations are suddenly going to think that idea might have merit.

In short, it’s drives all the right people absolutely batshit crazy and apparently Trump is not going to play the old game:

With Obama and Kerry gone, Israel can respond with closure and ignore the U.N. Trump is not a gradualist who will insist on a ceasefire so the besieged bad guys can regroup. Finally, several Arab nations have lost patience with Palestinian intransigence.

It’s time for something new. Nearly a half-century of the “peace process” has failed. Give back Gaza, and you get infiltration tunnels and rocket attacks. Stop settlements, and it makes no difference. The Palestinians still teach school children hatred and violence. Their leaders diverted economic aid to Swiss bank accounts or making rockets and building infiltration tunnels. The Islamists don’t care about real estate; they want to kill the Jews, all of them.

What’s in Trump’s head? He sees Israel as an ally that Obama undercut. He believes peace is more probable if the U.S. supports Israel. He is sending a message, with this ambassador and with moving the embassy, that the proverbial train is leaving the station. Time is running out for the Palestinians to come to the table.With Obama and Kerry gone, Israel can respond with closure and ignore the U.N. Trump is not a gradualist who will insist on a ceasefire so the besieged bad guys can regroup. Finally, several Arab nations have lost patience with Palestinian intransigence. 

This keeps getting better and better.

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