Yes this is what the professional left actually thinks of you.

I guarantee you if a white person seeing this going on shot any of the teens doing this Lemon and his guests on the left would have no problem blaming not the shooters parents or his upbringing but his race.

There are two lessons here. The first is that these acts are the natural result of selling a false narrative of oppression and genocide to one’s base for political purposes by the media and the current administration. It is my belief that to our media friends this result is a feature not a bug meant to intimidate.

The second any conservatives who believed it is no longer necessary to arm yourself because Trump won were wrong.

If you want to know why CNN is not trusted this is it.

As to why the rest of the media isn’t trusted:

Despite the racial violence Democrats have incited, and despite evidence that resentment of the Obama administration’s anti-white policies factored into Clinton’s November defeat, the liberal media continue promoting the Democrats’ anti-Trump/anti-white message. John Hinderaker at Powerline observed how the Associated Press attempted to conceal the racial politics of the Chicago atrocity, while Glenn Reynolds commented on the failure of most major media outlets to connect the dots of this racial hate crime: “If the races were reversed, there would be near-unanimous media efforts to blame Trump, and they wouldn’t be waiting until all the facts were in to do it.

They are anti religion ends and means people and if reporting facts harms their political ends while encouraging racial violence improves them, then the MSM & left are all in.

That’s evil.

Update:  Cripes Newsbusters could have a category for this story alone:

If this wasn’t on facebook this would be considered a local Chicago story and not worth the networks time, unless of course the races were reversed.

Leonard: Lesley, this is Penny, she lives across the hall from Sheldon and me.  Lesley and I do research together at the University.

Penny: Oh, wow, a girl scientist.

Lesley: Yep, come for the breasts, stay for the brains.

The Big Bang Theory, The Hamburger Postulate 2007

Mika Brzezinski is seven years older that Ms. Erin. As handsome a woman as she is there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that as she continues to age there will be pressure to augment or replace her with a younger woman to attract more eyeballs to the show.

Tami Erin and the Hustler Gambit (Content Warning) 10/31/13

As you might have heard Megyn Kelly has signed a big money contract with NBC and will be heading there shortly.

There has been some debate on the net about this (why I don’t really know) but to me this is no different than say Pablo Sandoval cashing out big with the Red Sox after winning a world series because the reality with a female anchor/reporter is not much different, there is a limited window to cash in and once that window closes you find yourself in Tina Fey land:

I submit and suggest Tina Fey’s show was an affirmative action hire that survived on an ultra liberal network as payback to the lady who the hollywood left considered the hero of the 2008 election.   NBC carried 30 Rock not as a business decision, but as a statement.

But NBC isn’t making that statement any longer and as for the Palin business 2008  is long gone and Gov Palin isn’t running for anything anytime soon.  So where does that leave Tina Fey until the SNL 50th anniversary reunion?

It leaves her as an attractive woman who will be turning 45 on my birthday in an industry unkind to women as they age or put on weight who needs to be noticed.

Now there are legit reasons for NBC to pay Kelly big money, she had success at Fox and she’s clashed with the POTUS Elect so they can beard both of their foes and maybe she will bring ratings, but I agree with Stacy McCain that there is a danger:

NBC is anti-Christian and pro-Islam, anti-family and pro-abortion, anti-cop and pro-“Black Lives Matter.” The partisan and ideological biases at NBC News are so blatantly obvious that it is impossible to imagine that you, Ms. Kelly, could be permitted to broadcast anything there that would deviate from the network’s Democrat/“progressive” agenda. NBC is anti-Christian and pro-Islam, anti-family and pro-abortion, anti-cop and pro-“Black Lives Matter.” The partisan and ideological biases at NBC News are so blatantly obvious that it is impossible to imagine that you, Ms. Kelly, could be permitted to broadcast anything there that would deviate from the network’s Democrat/“progressive” agenda. 

I agree with Stacy that  if she decides to go the full leftist then she will fade and become just another aging woman waiting for a younger hotter one to replace her, but if she wants to do more than cash in the person she needs to emulate is already working for NBC.

Mika Brzezinski

One of the reasons why Mika works is she does the following:

  1. She doesn’t hide her biases, Ms Kelly should do the same, if she is actually conservative, pro-life and pro-family she should be so at NBC, she should wear her bias on her sleeve for all to see and it will bring an audience.
  2. She isn’t afraid to question or critique her own side.  Assuming MS Kelly is a conservative that’s not an issue, but if she is in fact a liberal who went conservative for Fox, she needs to be willing to question liberal dogma.
  3. Bring on guest you disagree with.  This is something you did on Fox and something Mika does.  By allowing all viewpoints you increase both your audience and the respect of people who are actual worth having the respect of.
  4. Remember the people who got you there:  I’ve watched Mika make live appearances with Joe and stay late until every single fan is greeted.  They are your customers, follow that example and they’ll stay with you.
  5. Mika isn’t afraid to break the media template, for example, when she put on 15 pounds she celebrated it rather than ran from it.  Keep that in mind.
  6. Have fun.  Mika has fun doing what she does and is not afraid to do so.  Do the same.

Now of course if all you want to do is cash out that’s fine too, but if you do, I don’t want to hear a fuss if you end up shedding a rip away dress and striking a “mount me” pose in Stephen Colbert goodbye episode to get noticed someday.

I’d say that’s a fate worth avoiding.


Several stories posted on conservative websites this morning exposed what most conservatives already know: the media will instantly scream at the top of their lungs when hate crimes are perpetrated by “the right” but hold out against hope when they’re perpetrated against “the right.” That’s how it’s perceived, at least, and for the most part it’s true. However, this is a deeper, more sinister problem that deserves a response.

We all know what would happen in a reverse scenario. Had four white people kidnapped and beaten a special needs minority while chanting racial hate and insulting a Democrat, there would be riots. Buildings would be torched, people would get shot, and general havoc would ensue across the nation. The mainstream media would be stumbling over themselves like ravenous wolves to condemn the “atmosphere of bigotry” perpetuated by President-elect Donald Trump.

Instead, we have stories buried as if this wasn’t a big deal. The left is forcing themselves to yawn at this one because to give it attention would mean acknowledging that their narrative just experienced a setback. The vast majority of mainstream media publications are doing their obligatory mention, then moving on and telling the people, “Oh, look at what Trump Tweeted about Toyota!”

As I said, this is much more sinister than we can possibly realize. It’s worse than the fake news epidemic. It’s worse than the media’s obsession with being part of the story. In fact, it’s worse than state-run media. Some say that the media is the Democrats’ Pravda. Technically, that’s not true. The media has become the mouthpiece of the liberal ideology itself. This is much more dangerous than being controlled by the government or a political party because it empowers them to spread their narrative and promote their agenda without the majority of Americans even realizing it.

Let that sink in.

The media knows that if they all say something, it would be considered true. If they all bury a story, it has a chance of going away. To prevent this, two things must happen. First, the outcry from the right must be loud and persistent. In the case of the Chicago hate crime, we did just that. The facts surrounding the story combined with the incessant discussions on social media and conservative publications made the mainstream media push the story back to the top after initially burying it. They’re not at the point that they can dictate what the people want reported. Not yet.

The second thing that can bury a story is another story of substance popping up. It doesn’t have to be bigger, necessarily, but if it’s big enough and new, the media will have a “valid” excuse to bury the bigger story that goes against their narrative. We’ve seen this very recently. The U.N. resolution and subsequent condemnation by John Kerry against Israel had a day in the spotlight before Barack Obama changed the conversation by sanctioning Russia. Like clockwork, mainstream media turned their attention (and America’s attention as a result) away from his heinous acts to focus us on something else. The Russian sanctions will amount to literally nothing while the actions against Israel will affect America and the Middle East for a long time. Thanks to the media’s coverage, many will never know this until it’s too late.

This is a sickness that’s spreading through the media. Liberalism and agenda-building are becoming the primary business of newsrooms across the country.

We’ve seen this progressive ideological sickness in a more advanced form in universities. The media is a step or two behind them, but they’re bridging the gap. In education, it’s advanced beyond the intellectual shift we saw in the 60s and 70s. It’s progressed past the blatant bias we saw up to the turn of the century. In recent years, it’s hit its final manifestation as an accepted concept. Americans no longer have an illusion that their children will be fed anything but a steady diet of liberalism by their professors. The same thing is now happening in the media.

As conservatives, we allowed it to happen in education because we were too busy doing things to notice. They say that the best conservative minds in an industry build companies while the best liberal minds in an industry become professors. That’s how we got to the point we’re at today. It’s imperative that we do not allow the same thing to happen in the media. They’re pushing forward towards public acceptance of their bias. We must draw the line here and start pushing back.

I often write that conservative publications must take the high road. The only thing that upsets me more from a journalistic perspective than liberal media’s growth is when “conservative” media outlets play games. The standards at so many of the most popular conservative websites are low. They use click-bait headlines and skew facts in a way that makes us look just as bad as liberals. This is why I spend so much time writing every day for multiple publications. We have to take the high road. We have to be the counterbalance rather than simply the biased foil against mainstream media’s agenda.

What happened in Chicago needs to be called out for what it is. The media needs to be called out for burying the story. As conservatives, we have to balance our desires to spread the right word with the necessity of keeping the truth on our side. When we play their games, we’re giving fodder to those who want to paint us as “the right,” a label that they’re quickly positioning as being a bad thing.