Marc Lamont Hill Shows Us His Wits

by baldilocks

I’m a prideful person. Because I recognize the insidious way that I’ve allowed pride to wreak havoc in my life, I talk about the effects of pride at lot.

It’s almost like the dry drunk who preaches against the evils of Demon Rum. I say almost because it’s easier for a recovering alcoholic to keep away from the booze than it is for pride junkies to keep pride out of our lives.

For everyone, pride is always lurking about, trying to disguise itself as something good and moral in order to have its way in a person’s life. Some people are more prone to it than others, as is so for every other sin/character flaw.

I noticed it flare up in me today—again. I try not to be arrogant about my intellectual abilities because I haven’t done that much with them and because they are gifts—talents—from God anyway. And what He gives, he can take away.

Cause of the flare up: people will treat me like I’m stupid, ignorant, and/or ill-informed until shown otherwise—and sometimes even afterward. I’d say that this has happened to me about twice a month since I first noticed it during my high school trigonometry class, where the teacher treated darker-skinned blacks as if we had just climbed down out of the trees. (Math has always been my favorite academic subject.)

Most of the time I ignore the “condescension.” (I hate that word.) But, occasionally, I’ll use it to make the person sorry that they underestimated me.

That last option is evidence of my pride.

It’s one of the beasts I wrestle down every day and, conversely, I try not to make others feel small either—especially when that stuff can come back and bite one on the butt.

Hill’s service is less useful that this.

Do you think that’s what will happen to CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill? I’ve been trying really hard not to wish it on him.

Lamont Hill said while he has “respect” for Harvey, he’s part of the “mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitive campaign against black people.”

And about that phrasing—it’s an indicator of the same old thing I’ve been talking about for years: the patronage/serf mindset. Hill wants all observers to know that he is a better serf to his patron that the other serfs are to their patron—Hill is proud of his serfdom and of his service.

But the only way which he can think of to telegraph this notion is to demean the other serfs.

It’s just so much neuroses and lack of self-awareness. And it keeps happening over and over again with these leftish sorts.

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