Nerds will recognize this.

by baldilocks

People and Organizations make up all kinds of excuses and conjure all manner of Bravo Sierra to justify what they want.

Over 20 years ago, I had a miscarriage—an ectopic pregnancy. In order to determine whether an ectopic pregnancy exists, an ultrasound must be performed. When it was, the technicians point out my baby’s heartbeat. I was seven weeks along.

Many years later, I was in a polite argument with an ardent abortion supporter. I mentioned that a baby’s heart is beating seven weeks after conception. He wanted to know how I knew this, so I told him.

At first, he contended that I had imagined it.

I replied that the techs showed me the heartbeat; it wasn’t something I would have picked out on my own, since I had no experience in looking at images of in utero human beings. If I recall correctly, the conversation ended after that. I can on hold onto my temper only for so long.

Why is it that we call the openly evil “the villain”–the one who acknowledges that he/she is the Bad Guy? The truly villainous are those who not only justify murder, but who make you out to be the villain for wanting to preserve life and freedom. Or those who tell you you’re crazy or imagined it for believing what your lying eyes saw and what your lying ears heard.

Great Lies are not merely straight-on false declarative statements, but edifices of lies; ideologies and belief systems based on lies.

Start with: “a fetus is not a human being,” and end with “it’s morally legitimate to get rid of those cells,” and sprinkle the top with, “it’s a woman’s right to get rid of those cells, and how dare you say otherwise!!!”

(Especially if you are a man—that is unless you’re a man who agrees that the Big Lie Edifice is the truth.)

These Lie Structures are so insidious that great numbers of Americans—mostly women—were out marching last week for the rights of women. But if you ask any of these women what rights of hers are being infringed upon, she can’t tell you. That inability won’t trouble her, though. Reason: the links of logic which lead to the conclusion that the rights of American women were being violated were never connected in the first place. You can’t reason a person out of something they weren’t reasoned into.

Abortion is murder/but I want it and it’s my body/ so it isn’t murder/ It’s legal/It’s my right!!!/But I’m scared it won’t be legal/So I’ll dress up like a giant vagina….

Not a chain of logic in sight.

And that’s the Current Level of Deception[i]–the Lie–for all too many who will have what they want and will have you like it, too. Or else.

[i] A friend of mine says that he has had reality smash his pre-conceived notions about the world so often that he refers to his contemporaneous way of thinking about the world as his “current level of deception.” I think my friend is one of the blessed ones.

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As a young journalist, I had one goal. That was to become a reporter in Washington, D.C.

I got that opportunity in 1978 for Newsweek. I arrived in the nation’s capital on a snowy day in January as Jimmy Carter was starting his second year in office.

As a general assignment reporter, I covered labor and a piece of the economic beat. After a few months, I hated what I was doing.

Why? Being a journalist in Washington often doesn’t involve much reporting. Since Newsweek was an important magazine back then, I had access to almost anyone I wanted to talk to. Everyone sent you documents, press releases and statements by messenger service, so you didn’t have to do much except an occasional telephone call. It made today’s reporting, where most journalists never venture outside of the office, seem difficult.

I worked on the second- and third-string stories about how the Carter Administration didn’t know what it was doing. It was pretty easy because all of the Washington hands didn’t like an outsider like Carter and his Georgia boys. Moreover, the Carter team didn’t really know how to get things right.

I got into some serious trouble when I called the State Department to reach the head of the Afghanistan desk after the ambassador in Kabul was killed. The guy told me everything I wanted to know. I was unaware–until my boss yelled at me–that I was supposed to get everything from the press office.

At social occasions, here’s how a conversation in Washington went:

What do you do?

Who do you work for?

Where do you live?

Where did you go to school?

If you passed these tests, then you might give someone your name or get someone’s name.

I spent a lot of time at The Class Reunion, which was a Republican bar. Someone told me it was a good place to get dirt about how the Carter Administration was messed up. It was.

In my time in Washington, I attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner once—an experience that underlined my belief that reporters and politicians spent too much time cozying up to one another.

The best part of the job was getting sent out of town. I spent time in the hollers of West Virginia during a coal strike and was sent to cover the mass deaths at Jonestown, Guyana.

After about, a year in Washington, my soon-to-be wife suggested we find another place to live. I agreed, so I spoke with the chief of correspondents at Newsweek.

I thought maybe we could move back to Chicago. Maybe Boston or Atlanta.

Instead, he said that Beirut was open. I laughed because Lebanon was in the middle of a civil war. My wife and I decided, however, that Beirut had to better than Washington. It was.

During my time as a reporter, I met some of the leading lights in today’s Washington milieu. Tommy Friedman never showed me much in Beirut. In fact, he almost got fired from United Press International, which was just across the corridor from the Newsweek office.

E.J. Dionne, then of The New York Times, threw conniption fits about American television coverage in Rome, where I served as bureau chief for ABC News. In both the cases of Friedman and Dionne, Loren Jenkins of The Washington Post, cleaned their clocks on a regular basis.

I met David Ignatius of The Washington Post when we both covered the steel industry. Then I saw him again in the Middle East. I used to think he was a good reporter; I don’t think much of him as a columnist.

Gloria Borger seemed all right at the time but not so much now.

George Will used to call you up if you had the lead story in Newsweek to pick your brain for his column there. He stole your lines and never gave you credit. I didn’t call him back after the second time he contacted me.

Carl Bernstein may have gotten Watergate right, but he was an awful bureau chief for ABC News in Washington.

I still enjoy P.J. O’Rourke, but it’s hard to forgive him for telling people to vote for Hillary.

I did meet some good reporters in Washington, but they didn’t hit the big time. Maybe they didn’t go to the right school or lived in the wrong neighborhood.

Nevertheless, I’m happy I had the opportunity to experience my Washington dream early on. I’m also glad I realized how empty that dream was. Unfortunately, not much has changed about the inanity of Washington journalism since I left nearly 40 years ago.

Christopher Harper teaches media law.

President Trump is already getting compliments from Bernie Sanders for Dropping TPP.

This has been a good week for Trump he’s already keeping promises to the base while giving Unions an Sanders voters a reason to go his way next time.

Meanwhile Democrats are torching Muslim Owned Limos putting hispanics out of work

As Mike Rogers told me, I wonder when the winning will get old?

I absolutely loved the Womens march on Washington for many reasons, but my two favorites were

1. Like John Stewart big rally before the 2010 elections it was an expression of weakness rather than strength which put the left’s vulgarity, out there in public for all to see keeping they’re eye off the ball.

2. The timing ensures the comparison with the March for Life which will contain a large quantity of young people who without vulgarity or genital themed apparel which will be an excellent contrast for the American People to see.

Just a reminder, your children can’t march with you en masse if you kill them

For President Trump the Womens March was a godsend, after all what better way to encourage a member of the GOP who was waffling on his Secretary of State pick to get in line then to have a bunch of people wearing pink genital hats swearing on national TV as the image of the opposition. Yeah that’s the side Marco Rubio wants to be on.

Another aspect of the womens march that really served Trump well was all the trash they left behind. The Tea Party was notorious for leaving areas cleaner than when they came. This contrast isn’t going to play well in the areas that these people need to win votes in. And will likely convince some Never trumpers to change their tune.

More womens march Am I the only person who finds the anger of transgender activists over the so called “Womens march” in their words: “set the tone for a march that would focus acutely on genitalia at the expense of the transgender community,” absolutely hilarious?

You know modern feminists must be the smartest people of all time. Until just a decade or two ago all the greatest minds in the history of the world thought there were only two human genders.

Monday Trump’s CIA director was approved by the US Senate two days after Chuck Schumer broke his promise to get it done before. GOP senators are furious at the broken promise. I’m delighted, it’s much better that Chucky make it clear that he’s not to be trusted early when it doesn’t matter then later when it does. This was a very foolish move on his part and will pay dividends for us.

There was a ton of prayer at the Inauguration of Donald Trump, more than we’ve seen at such events for a while. The real significance? It’s wasn’t politically correct prayer but the old fashioned type asking God to impart his wisdom.

That explains the anger of the left best of all.

There have been a few comments on the Pope and Trump first suggesting that he is warning about him while at the same time saying he’ll wait and see, but while the MSM has given this a lot of attention they have given little to the scandal over the Maltese Bishops break from doctrine that has real potential to send the church into schism. That’s not getting a lot of attention in a press that would love to see a weak Church.

The New England Patriots will be facing the Atlanta Falcons in Superbowl fifty one a week from this sunday. This is the NFL nightmare scenario. On the NFC side they didn’t get Green Bay or Dallas who would have brought significant national attention and on the AFC side despite their best efforts Tom Brady will take his nearly 40 year old body to yet another title game, this time one that Roger Goodell can’t duck.

It should actually be a good game. Any team that is capable of taking down Aaron Rogers and Russell Wilson while scoring on the dangerous Seattle Defense is not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately for them not only are the Pats unlikely to do so, but they come into this game with enough chips on their shoulder for a superbowl party.

Normally it would be easy for blue state liberals to pick a side as a blue state team is facing a red state one but the friendship between Brady, Belichick Kraft and President Trump means that if Brady hoists that Superbowl Trophy over his head a lot of blue state liberals will be just as angry and frustrated as Roger Goodell.