Lie Architecture

Nerds will recognize this.

by baldilocks

People and Organizations make up all kinds of excuses and conjure all manner of Bravo Sierra to justify what they want.

Over 20 years ago, I had a miscarriage—an ectopic pregnancy. In order to determine whether an ectopic pregnancy exists, an ultrasound must be performed. When it was, the technicians point out my baby’s heartbeat. I was seven weeks along.

Many years later, I was in a polite argument with an ardent abortion supporter. I mentioned that a baby’s heart is beating seven weeks after conception. He wanted to know how I knew this, so I told him.

At first, he contended that I had imagined it.

I replied that the techs showed me the heartbeat; it wasn’t something I would have picked out on my own, since I had no experience in looking at images of in utero human beings. If I recall correctly, the conversation ended after that. I can on hold onto my temper only for so long.

Why is it that we call the openly evil “the villain”–the one who acknowledges that he/she is the Bad Guy? The truly villainous are those who not only justify murder, but who make you out to be the villain for wanting to preserve life and freedom. Or those who tell you you’re crazy or imagined it for believing what your lying eyes saw and what your lying ears heard.

Great Lies are not merely straight-on false declarative statements, but edifices of lies; ideologies and belief systems based on lies.

Start with: “a fetus is not a human being,” and end with “it’s morally legitimate to get rid of those cells,” and sprinkle the top with, “it’s a woman’s right to get rid of those cells, and how dare you say otherwise!!!”

(Especially if you are a man—that is unless you’re a man who agrees that the Big Lie Edifice is the truth.)

These Lie Structures are so insidious that great numbers of Americans—mostly women—were out marching last week for the rights of women. But if you ask any of these women what rights of hers are being infringed upon, she can’t tell you. That inability won’t trouble her, though. Reason: the links of logic which lead to the conclusion that the rights of American women were being violated were never connected in the first place. You can’t reason a person out of something they weren’t reasoned into.

Abortion is murder/but I want it and it’s my body/ so it isn’t murder/ It’s legal/It’s my right!!!/But I’m scared it won’t be legal/So I’ll dress up like a giant vagina….

Not a chain of logic in sight.

And that’s the Current Level of Deception[i]–the Lie–for all too many who will have what they want and will have you like it, too. Or else.

[i] A friend of mine says that he has had reality smash his pre-conceived notions about the world so often that he refers to his contemporaneous way of thinking about the world as his “current level of deception.” I think my friend is one of the blessed ones.

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