You mean you don’t need a degree to ask a question

The media right now is, to use a common phrase, experiencing a huge degree of what is commonly known as butthurt because people like Katie Pavlich asked a question at a press conference.

Having questioned candidate Trump at press conferences a couple of times and having listened to the various reporters from assorted outlets coordinating with each other before Mr. Trump’s entry I can see why they are upset. After all how can you create a media meme if the entire media corps isn’t asking variations of the same question to create the false image that it’s the only thing anyone cares about?

This is bad enough but I think the real problem for the media is this:

If conservative media is called on a few more times and asks relevant questions like this

It’s not going to take long for people outside of the media bubble to realize that any competent person can ask a question that actual people want the answer and folks will realize that the MSM on TV are basically no different than the various celebs on Match game.

Once that’s done the game is over.