#NYCatholic: St. Peter’s Church

Please do not be misled by the dishonest anti-Christian media or by urban legends about New Yorkers and New York's Catholics; see for yourself who these people really are and what they do... The Roman Catholic Parish of St Peter has a history of nearly a quarter of a millennium in Lower Manhattan and is home to … Continue reading #NYCatholic: St. Peter’s Church

What really matters

R. H. and I have never met, but I am absolutely heartbroken after reading about the news of his beautiful baby Rebecca's passing. Read his post, Who it's really about. I was going to write today about the usual American and Latin American politics, but . . . politics, money, jobs, culture, are all ephemeral. … Continue reading What really matters

Who it’s really about

This last week I asked everyone to pray for Rebecca, my youngest daughter. She had gone in for open heart surgery on Wednesday to repair an Atrial Septal Defect. The surgery was fairly routine (at least, as far as open heart surgery is concerned), and considering that Yale New-Haven was performing the surgery, we couldn't … Continue reading Who it’s really about