Voices of Cpac 2017 Steve & Shen, Ed Morrissey of Hotair and a Kellyanne Conway Cannoli Story

I had hoped to try to speak to Kellyanne Conway after her Hannity appearance concerning something with WQPH 89.3 FM but I had waited in the press scrum for a while when I decided I was wasting my time and continued with my interviews. At this time I came across Steve and Shen.

There were not fitting in the frame well so I decided to flip the camera and film then at a 90 degree angle and edit the video later.

At this point I was starting to run out of gas and decided it was perhaps time to sit a bit, I headed toward the entrance of the hotel and saw old friend Ed Morrissey of Hotair sitting there and Ed being Ed consented to an interview.

Ironically as the interview went on Kellyanne Conway walked by with a crew, I continued my interview but as soon as it was over I was off after her. I figured the odds were against catching up but decided it was worth a shot.

I headed back toward the press registration area and lo and behold there she was taking question from press. I headed down the escalator and got a shot.

Kellyanne and the press

As she finished and started heading up I was a few steps behind her, at this point I introduced myself as someone who works with WQPH and mentioned their scheduled pro-life events the weekend of Divine Mercy Sunday asking if the administration would have an interest in sending a representative.

Her assistant took my card, and she said she would need the information sent so I presume I will be hearing from them at this point she turned toward the speakers room and I offered her Cannoli, to my surprise she accepted and took one as she vanished through the door. (It turns out that would be significant the next day but that’s a much later post).

You might wonder why I didn’t try to go for a press question but the WQPH need was the priority and as she was speaking the next day I figured I’d have another shot but the fact that Kellyanne Conway had one of the 40 Cannoli I brought was an amusing fact that I’d be able to talk about for a while.

Too bad I didn’t get a chance to find out if she liked it.

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