The Media Narrative Hunt at CPAC

If you want to understand how the MSM operates the best illustration comes from this very short video

Because why talk to one of 10,000 conservatives excited to be at CPAC or speak with attendees and shoot dozens of videos with them to find out what they think if they support Trump when you can find one Nazi looking for publicity and paint all those who dare support your opponent in the White House with that brush?

Alas for them CPAC was smart enough not to play that game.

Well, things aren’t going too well for white nationalist Richard Spencer who showed up at CPAC today:

Spencer replied that Grizzly Joe is a moron who can’t dress: And shortly after this exchange, Spencer was kicked out of CPAC:

While not as important as the video above the next two videos show the pack mentality in action.

The best thing to do in that situation? Abandon the pack!

I think I’d rather be out there interviewing a dozen folks in attendance rather than losing 40 minutes in the hope of getting one shot as part of the crowd.

If you’re interested in telling your readers a story rather than saying “look at me I’m media!” that’s the way to go.

Update of course I have my own fake news story but that’s for tomorrow.

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Some Quick pre-cpac video and thoughts

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