Voices of CPAC 2017 Donald Trump Single lines from CPAC speech as he makes them UPDATE TBS asks me to setup a fake meme how DARE they!

The consultants were only good at soaking up money

Now repeating the media as enemy of the people, press not happy

Let them say it to my face, let there be no more “sources” names

we are a nation that will put our own citizens first

we’re going to build the wall don’t worry about it, it’s going to start soon

All I’ve done is keep my promise

Obamacare doesn’t work folks.

We’re going to make it better much better (uh oh That line might come back to bite him)

We’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare (That might save the day)


The era of empty talk is over (I wish you could see the press around me)

(talks about dollars to be saved to be spent to rebuild America) …Including our inner cities.

We will support the incredible men and women of law enforcement

We’re going to make trade deals one on one and if they misbehave we’re going to drop them.

We’re going to give Americans access to quality healthcare that they deserve

If they want a pipeline in the United States they are going to use pipe made in the United States.

We don’t need 75% of the repetitive regulations that hurt companies and hurt jobs.

[Would you believe a guy from TBS asked me if I had solitaire on my computer and asked me to bring it up so he could get a shot of someone playing solitaire during Trump’s speech. HOW DARE HE! HOW DARE HE EXPECT ME TO SET UP A PHONY SHOT FOR A PHONY MEME! That’s so dishonorable!]

We are going to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of this country (crowd goes wild)

The GOP will be from now on, the party of the American Worker.

[just went and told Cynthia Yockey, Kurt Schlichter and Stephen Kruser so when you see it on TBS and Samantha Bee’s show, you know it’s BS]

I’m not representing the globe I’m representing your country.

We’re all totally equal in the eyes of Almighty God. [I applauded there]

As long as we have faith in each other and trust in God there is nothing we can’t accomplish. (last word might have been achieved)

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