Voices of CPAC 2017 the Indefatigable Kira Innis

I headed back to the room after the Kellyanne Conway to inform WQPH of the situation with their Divine Mercy Sunday event when Cynthia Yockey informed me that there was supposed to be a blogger get together event “rinocon” at the public house down the street. She wanted to attend so the two of us headed down. That story was told in yesterday’s lead post concerning the interview with Joe.

As the promised gaggle didn’t materialize (turned out they would do so VERY much later) we headed to CVS to pick up a few things before heading back to the room. I decided to by a 12 pack of A&W diet Rootbeer, among other things and oddly enough that decision led to one of the most interesting interviews I ever recorded.

Both of us being tired, still wondering when and if Stacy & Emmile would show up and me with video to upload, we headed back to the room. As we passed the entrance way there was a young rather stunningly statuesque black woman there along with John Hawkings. She immediately noticed I had a case of A & W rootbeer and expressed an interest in a can.

Being a gentleman I of course accommodated the request, she introduced herself a Kira Innis and consented to an interview and what an interview it was!

Instead of the standard 3-5 minutes she went on for 13, talking about the black community, the history of slavery and how the Democrats had historically oppressed and attacked them to keep them down from Slavery to Jim Crow to abortion and the great society which destroyed the black family that had been the bedrock of the community.

I was completely enthralled, amazed at the knowledge and passion of the young lady. Fifteen minutes late the interview finally closed and I offered her cannoli but because we had gone to a restaurant I had left my box behind in the room. She came up with us to claim her prize and we talked some more. While I suspected I hadn’t known when we started to talk that she was part of the well known Innis family.

She was a pleasure to meet and talk. If the black community ever climbs out of the hole that the Democrat party in general and Barack Obama in particular has dug for them, it’s going to be young people like her leading the way!

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