Mexico’s Foreign Secretary meets directly with WH, State Dept employees throw a snit

The Obama appointees at the State Department are unhappy.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray called Secretary of State Rex Tillerson  on Wednesday night to tell him he would be visiting the White House on Thursday. Normally foreign ministers stop by the State Department,

But Videgaray said the thrust of his mission meant he needed to speak directly to the White House. He and Tillerson agreed to meet in person in a couple of weeks, Videgaray said, part of an ongoing “dialogue” the two governments are holding to attempt to repair relations damaged by Trump’s bombastic campaign rhetoric against Mexico.

For Thursday’s meetings, however, Videgaray said he had to raise Mexican complaints about U.S. suggestions it would separate migrant children from their parents at the border as a way to discourage illegal crossings.

Tillerson obviously had no objections, since the next day Videgaray met

with Jared Kushner (Mr Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor), economic adviser Gary Cohn, and National Security Adviser General HR McMaster. 

Which seems straightforward enough, until acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner said he didn’t realize Videgaray was in town.

The Obama appointees threw a snit. How dare any high-ranking foreign official skip the holy shrine of State! State employees are ‘left with literally nothing to do’!

“The cafeteria is so crowded all day,” said another State Department officer.  “No one’s doing anything.”

. . . especially since Pres, Trump has stated that he intends to cut State Department funding by more than a third.

Of course the gray lady rushed to publish op-eds decrying that Mr. Tillerson is in a perpetual state of duck and cover.

Call me a cynic, but if the Trump administration has close enough relations with Mexico’s Foreign Secretary that Videgaray can talk to them directly by simply calling Tillerson the night before, I consider that a good sign.

But if I had spent the last eight years in a comfortable sinecure at the State Department and was now spending my days ‘adrift and listless‘ hanging out at the cafeteria, I would not.


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