What’s That Smell?

by baldilocks

It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one whose “surrealism” detector is pinging off the scale. In fact, I’m in good company.

Victor Davis Hansen:

There is now something called the “Resistance,” which by its nomenclature poses that its opposition to Trump is reminiscent of European partisan resistance to Hitler: Affluent progressives are now on the barricades to stop another Holocaust? Cities now nullify federal law in the spirit of the Old Confederacy. A federal judge doesn’t enforce federal law because he says he does not like what the president and his associates said in the past, during the campaign. Op-ed writers overseas wait eagerly for the president’s assassination. At CNN, Fareed Zakaria, wrist-slapped for past plagiarism, melts down while screaming of Trump’s “bullsh**.” Madonna says she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Professor Hansen also outlines the Snoop Dogg/Bow-Wow saga, wherein both rappers bring attention to themselves by using, respectively, their “artistry” and words to express their desire to do harm to both President and Mrs. Trump.

I’m old enough to remember when such people would need to be bailed out of jail for such things. But, anyone who is old enough to remember the political, media, and social climate during the Obama Administration can do that, so I guess that’s nothing to brag about. More from Hansen:

Bad filibusters are now good ones. Vowing to kill, hurt, or remove the president and first family is hip, when it used to be felonious. States’ rights and nullification are now Confederate-cool. Free speech is hate speech. Censorship is a mere trigger warning. Assimilation is cultural appropriation. (…)

More and more Americans today are becoming Stoic dropouts. They are not illiberal, and certainly not reactionaries, racists, xenophobes, or homophobes. They’re simply exhausted by our frenzied culture.

More and more Americans don’t like lectures from the privileged and the wealthy on the pitfalls of privilege and wealth. They don’t like lectures from the privileged and the wealthy on the pitfalls of privilege and wealth. In response, they don’t hike out to monasteries, fall into fetal positions, or write Meditations. Instead, they have checked out mentally from American popular entertainment, sports, and the progressive cultural project in general.

He gives more examples.

A few days ago, I voiced my suspicions that nearly everything popularly believed is Bravo Sierra. This isn’t a new suspicion for me. It began in 2008 and has been buoyed over the years by things like this. Information overload, confirmation bias, lack of analysis skills, ego blindness, and plain old laziness helps the belief in falsehood along. But, as Hansen points out, a lot of people are tired of the BS avalanche and are choosing to remove themselves from its path.

I’m tempted to do it myself, sometimes. But I’m a communicator and an optimist. So, I’ll keep on plugging, buy a metaphorical umbrella against the brown, smelly rain, and wear my waders.

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