The other team

A phrase oft heard during any given sporting event where the heavily favored team finds itself on the score's short end is "the other team practices too." Meaning: nothing is a given and no matter how talented, or better on paper, someone or a collection of someones is than the competition, if you dismiss the … Continue reading The other team

Just repeal

As I write this, the House is pushing for a floor vote on the American Health Care Act. It "hangs in the balance" as some mainstream media news outlets are saying, but that doesn't really paint the picture properly. In reality, it hangs over the GOP's head in two major ways. If it passes, things … Continue reading Just repeal

London & Schiff A bad day for leftist Memes

If you are a person who is invested in the memes of the left Wednesday was a very bad day. Disaster 1 took place in London when an islamic terrorist managed to kill five in London Police have named the officer who was killed by a knifeman terrorist in London today and revealed the death … Continue reading London & Schiff A bad day for leftist Memes