This weekend France elected Emmanuel Macron its youngest leader in its modern history but it also rejected Marie LePen who would have been the 1st Female leader in modern history

All over the MSM there was much rejoicing over the result but as I had been re-watching the election coverage from last November, I noticed in all the MSM coverage there was something missing.


France had the chance to break the glass ceiling for women, France could have told their young girls that they too could someday grow up to lead the country but they did not.

And none of the members of the MSM who were so crushed and so furious that the US did not elect the first women in history to lead them,, those very same leaders who pointed at the US electorate and screamed “Misogyny”  were dancing a jig over France not only rejecting the chance to elect their first woman to lead them, but did so in a landslide.

So my question for our friends on the left is this?

Why is the US rejection of the 1st woman president misogyny but France’s overwhelming rejection of the same not?

Or do women only count as women if they are on the left?

Summary:  Don’t Worry be happy, or ELSE

Plot: The Doctor and Bill sneak out from under Nardole’s nose to visit one of the first human colonies where they discover a bunch of robots that run on emojis but the Doctor notices the people are missing, it turns out that being unhappy can be fatal, which might be a problem when the rest of the colonists awake and find out what’s going on.

Writing: The first TARDIS trip is always interesting in a sense and Bill’s questions are promising.  As has been the case over the last few years there is a heavy indication of the long term season plot.   The concept of the villain is interesting as is the conflict in Bill’s practical lower middle class mind about escaping and staying escaped.  It’s a leg up over the previous episode but give how poor the previous one was, that’s not much of an accomplishment.

Acting:  The only thing wrong with the acting in this episode is Nardole in the sense Matt Lucas isn’t in it much Peter Capaldi again shines and Pearl Mackie seems to be clicking with him n   s does a more than adequate job as Bill with strong hints of even better to come but it’s Matt Lucas’ Nardole again in a lesser role really makes it all come together.

Memorable Moments:  You’re the Help line, I’m not making tea for her, the pound signs in the eyes.

Doctor Who Flashbacks:  The Help line reference (1st Doctor Clara #3)  Landing at the site of the next episode (shades of Season 1 of of the original series) Migration from Earth Ark in Space (4th doctor) Beast Below (11th Doctor)

Oddities:  What exactly would the Vardis use as currency?

Pet Peeves:  Given that the Earth is being evacuated the idea that they never thought of programming the robot vardies to recognize or deal with grief or death is not credible.

Great Quote(s) via transcripts

Bill: It’s a beautiful place.
The Doctor: All traps are beautiful that’s how they work.

Bill: You can’t reach the controls from the seats. What’s the point in that? Or do you have stretchy arms, like Mister Fantastic?

The Doctor [OC]: Once, long ago, a fisherman caught a magic haddock. The haddock offered the fisherman three wishes in return for its life. The fisherman said, “I’d like my son to come home from the war, and a hundred pieces of gold.” The problem is magic haddock, like robots, don’t think like people. The fisherman’s son came home from the war in a coffin and the King sent a hundred gold pieces in recognition of his heroic death. The fisherman had one wish left. What do you think he wished for?
(The colonists start waking up again.)  Some people say he should have wished for an infinite series of wishes, but if your city proves anything, it is that granting all your wishes is not a good idea.
Bill: It’s okay. It’s not going to hurt you. Actually, it doesn’t even know who you are.
Steadfast: What happened? What have you done?
The Doctor: In fact, the fisherman wished that he hadn’t wished the first two wishes. You see, in a way, he pressed the reset button.

Final Verdict: 3 1/2 stars I liked it better the 2nd time I watched it but it still seemed kinda average, particularly for a first trip episode.

Ranking of Season: 1st of 2. Given how bad last weeks’ episode was that’s not a surprise

1st Smile
2nd The Pilot

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era: Doesn’t place but again that’s because the previous seasons were so good.

1st The Husbands of River Song
2nd. Last Christmas
3rd. The Caretaker
4th. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
5th. The Girl who Died
6th. The Witch’s Familiar
7th. Hell Bent
8th. Mummy on the Orient Express
9th. Face the Raven
10th. Into the Dalek

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT –  If Hurricane Katrina united New Orleans in the common cause of “love thy neighbor,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu has successfully decimated all remnants of civility and has created a cultural divide that has ripped the city apart and has cast New Orleans in a negative light in the eyes of the national lens.

As Landrieu continues to staunchly defend his decision to remove the city’s Confederate monuments, supporters (both black and white) have taken positions days and night at the monuments to protect them. Two weeks ago Landrieu removed one of the four, the Liberty Place monument, in the dead of night using a team of city firefighters wearing masks and protective armor.

Even as monument supporters had a large measure of victory this week with the passage of HB71 from committee, tension about the monuments rose. This bill would presumably protect the monuments:

House Bill 71 would forbid the removal, renaming or alteration of any military monument of any war, including the “War Between the States,” that is situated on public property. The measure was amended to require the support of a majority of voters in a public election before any monuments could be removed.

Mayor Landrieu is not working fast enough for Take ‘Em Down NOLA and the Antifa crowd, and they announced a rally in New Orleans to take place Sunday, May 7:


While white supremacists gather from many states around confederate monuments in OUR CITY, the mayor nor council has still not publicly called for its own ceremony to honor the historic occasion of 4 monuments to slavery coming down. Even the conservative governor of S.C. had a public ceremony to remove the confederate flag.

Cowering in darkness offers no safety or protection, it is shameful and being questioned by world wide media.

What does this say to Black youth? What does this teach white youth?

All eyes are on New Orleans. It is fitting that during Jazz Fest the people have our voices heard. Not just on the monuments, but for racial equality and economic justice for those who built New Orleans, whose heritage is leveraged for profit and who are being displaced.

In the name of the good people of New Orleans, in honor of our civil rights veterans who fought for decades for their removal, in appreciation of the Black community, elders and youth Take Em Down NOLA is issuing this call for everyone to come out!

Meet at Congo Square at 1:30pm.

March to Lee Circle.

Make History! Take down Robert E. Lee and ALL symbols of White Supremacy!

By noon Sunday protesters were gathering on both sides. Monument supporters were getting information and security, how to handle pepper spray attacks, and cautionary information about Antifa. New Orleans police began installing barricades around Lee Circle; the Jefferson Davis monument has been blocked off all week after violent clashes last weekend between both sides.

Large black busses with blacked out windows were moving into the city in the morning filled with Antifa protestors.

But, through the day, for the most part things remained non-violent. Tense, but non-violent. There were a couple of fights and skirmishes that were quickly put down, but by early evening crowds had dispersed and traffic lanes were reopened.

The focus then moved to the Jefferson Davis monument where reports were that a large Antifa group was congregating to harass supporters there. But other than the exchange of hot words, everything was calm.

Overall, thankfully the protests did not end in the free-for-all that was anticipated but what did come out of it all was a clarification that contrary to Governor John Bel Edwards’s stance that the monuments “are a local issue,” clearly it has surpassed that. Mitch Landrieu made it NOT a local issue when he called in State and Federal Law Enforcement from all over the state to New Orleans using Department of Homeland Security emergency measures. This makes is a national issue, being paid for with state and federal tax dollars.

And this means John Bel Edwards now has to get off the fence.


Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport.

Marvin the Martian: Where’s the kaboom? There’s supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom!

I found myself watching the Election night coverage this weekend and found myself noting the various swings.

Of course there was the joy and optimism of the press until about 9:30 seven minutes before I called it for Trump, the increasing gloom the grief and disbelief.

As soon as Trump finally won then we heard all about what was going to come from. It’s doom, doom doom, economic doom, military doom, predictions of slavery and Nazism and loads of violence and in fairness we have been seeing plenty of violence from the left on college campuses.

But every day that goes by it becomes more and more apparent that there are things missing.

Were are the internment camps? Where are the Gays being dragged out of their homes, where are the plummeting stock markets? Where is the financial crisis as the economy tanks, the rising unemployment as capital flees?

Where is Russia Charging forward and Assad and others moving confidently to push aside a weak US?are the concentration camps for Muslims?

And of course all of this was going to cause a revolt not only of the people who would be demanding his Tax Returns where is the GOP revolt, particularly in the House, finally heading to impeachment?

It just isn’t there.

And even worse than it not being there, every day it keeps not being there the American people who were told that disaster and doom were coming will find themselves facing actual reality vs perceived reality?

Actual story, I work with a large group of Hispanics, many from Puerto Rico but others from elsewhere. I had a mother of 4 come to me, knowing I report and knowing I’m a Trump guy and bluntly ask me if we were going to have a nuclear war. She was actually afraid that it was coming. (Spoiler Alert, it’s not)

What is going to happen if four years from now, if her family is doing better financially and all her fears prove unfounded?

I predict it’s stuff like that which will drive election 2020