The GOP needs to take a page from Harry Reid’s Playbook and Ignore Democrat Media Demands

The Child: [Invading the Doctor’s Mind] What is this ?  What Trick is this. All these places? You call them Seas, Oceans, Planets, Stars, Galaxies.  Am I God of all this? How can I be the God of all this?
6th Doctor: It’s the Universe
The Child: Nonsense this Castle is the Universe there is no other and I am God of it all!

Big Finish Doctor Who: The Holy Terror 2000

One of my favorite Big finish Doctor Who episodes is titled The Holy Terror (my post on back when I had time to review Big Finish Audios regularly is here) where the TARDIS lands in a closed universe run by a rather odd theocracy where the ruler is God to be worshiped and everyone follows the established order without question.

As I watch what is happening in Washington these days I can’t help but think I’m seeing the same thing.

For years upon end the left elites, both elected and media ruled the roost in support of their deep state.  The media while feigning to be apart from the elites acted as the support structure for the deep state in general and the Democrat left in particular.

One of the rules of these arrangement is that it didn’t matter to what office you were elected to, by how big a margin or even what the laws actually said or what people actually did.  If the media/left elite said something wasn’t a scandal (Fast and furious and the IRS) then it was something unworthy to be ignored and if something didn’t fit the narrative it didn’t matter.

Two of the masters of this system are (and were) Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  The fact that Nancy Pelosi as minority leader in the house has very little power, if any to stop acts by the majority doesn’t matter, the media treats her as if she had power and expected the GOP majority to bend to it.

The media acted in a similar but opposite tack during Harry Reid’s time as Senate Majority leader.  It didn’t matter if  the House GOP house passed bill after bill Reid ignored them, never bringing them up and even ignoring the laws concerning budgets when it didn’t suit him.  The protestations of the GOP to this meant nothing, the reality was Reid knew what the rules are and the Media supported him in his power, ignoring or attacking any attempt of the GOP to challenge it, and then, when Reid was in the Minority, tacking again to amply and support the powers of the minority inherent in the Senate that he wielded.

And because they worked in the bubble the GOP always went along, only occasionally standing up when the cry of the people who elected them (despite all efforts of the media to divert or twist it) threatened their positions by exercising the power of the ballot.

But now the MSM is in a situation that they haven’t seen during the time of their power.  Not only are their enemies of the GOP in control of all the levers of government but the president is a person outside of the deep state who is not dependent on the media for his power or reputation.

This has been a source of absolute panic for the left and media who have reacted by continually proclaiming crisis and scandal and insisting that the GOP majority bow to their demands, acknowledge said scandals and operate and do their bidding, to wit:

and stories like this:

Exhausted Republicans Are Getting Fed Up With The Chaos Coming From The White House

And if this was 30 years ago when there were limited sources of both news and amusement it might be understandable if the GOP, despite having the power to do otherwise, gave into these demands.

But all of this is happening at a time when media power is more diluted than ever with many news organizations bleeding cash and employees. It’s happening at a time when the average american has literally hundreds of sources of news online and on air to choose from and furthermore has tens of thousands of TV channels and web sites for them to pay attention to rather than listening to the jibber jabber of either press or media.

Or put simply the GOP doesn’t have to rely on a media that hates them to advance themselves, there is a world outside of the bubble that doesn’t give a damn what the media says and it is that world that elected them.

The Democrats can scream all the like and the media can run one breathless story after the other about the Trump administration and how the GOP MUST oppose him for the sake of the country. If the republicans keep their nerve and look outside of the media bubble and the astroturf of the left will put before them, they will not only survive but thrive.

To be sure the Media and the left will not like it, the will react much like the child in the Doctor Who story when his absolute power is questioned screams:

No! It’s a lie, a dirty lie! You’re a dirty liar, the castle is the universe!

But if the GOP can keep it’s nerve and just press forward the press and the left will end up eating themselves while the majority that continues to live and work and function will carry on with the knowledge that all the rants and raves the left can produce can’t neither make up for the power they don’t have or will restore said power back to them.

Of course if the GOP chooses to ignore this advice, then they will neither retain the power they have nor will they deserve to and will be shocked to discover himself discarded by the left and media like in the true spirit of totalitarian discard useful idiots as soon as their use is done.