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Kim du Toit on the alt-right movement.

My common ground with the alt-Right is this: like them, I think that Western civilization and culture is the greatest thing that ever occurred to mankind. It has elevated our society from brutishness and beastliness into civilization, quite possibly to the zenith of thought, achievement and prosperity. Just taking the period from Ancient Greece to the Internet, it is difficult to imagine how life would exist today were it not for Western culture — the sciences, economy, music, arts, literature, morals, manners and mores, the whole damn thing. Western civilization, in other words, is absolutely worth maintaining, prolonging, venerating and all that.

And here’s the first little roadblock that the alt-Right throws in my way: their distaste, and even hatred for Jews.

I have no idea why that is. Pound for pound, the Jews have contributed as much or more to Western civilization than any other group — it’s even called the “Judeo-Christian tradition”, FFS — and to discount this contribution deliberately, to me, shows a shallow intellect at best. (At worst, Hitler, but I’m not going to go there.) Of course, I know that many Jews are socialists, communists, progressives, one-worlders, and all those things that are not only themselves distasteful, but are contradictory to Western thought. Ending slavery in the Western hemisphere (an action performed solely by Western nations, lest we forget) is not the same as allowing Western culture to be perverted or submerged by inferior cultures — and let’s be perfectly honest, when compared to Western culture, all other cultures are in general absolutely inferior to ours. To say otherwise is to be ignorant of history, or to be able to consciously deny the fact of the matter despite all evidence to the contrary. (…)

Do I think that a lot of Jews are liberal a**holes? You betcha, again. (Don’t even ask me about Jews and their support for gun control, unless we also mention JPFO, who also seem to have missed the memo.)

Am I prepared to become an anti-Semite because of The Great Jewish Conspiracy? Think again, Adolf.

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I had the pleasure of acting as the presiding officer at the retirement of one of my First Class Petty Officers yesterday. A few people said they really liked my speech (genuinely, not the “nice job” you get by default), so I figured I’d share:

Ladies and gentlemen, family and guests of Petty Officer X, welcome to Groton Connecticut, homeport to the historic submarine USS Nautilus moored next to us on this wonderful Connecticut day.  You couldn’t ask for better weather, which means in good ole’ Connecticut fashion, it will promptly storm tomorrow and the temperature will drop at least 30 degrees.

It’s hard to write a speech to capture Petty Officer X’s career, because 20 years ago, when he raised his right hand and swore an oath to defend this nation, this nation was quite a different place.  Back then, our most popular cell phone was a flip phone, the Motorola StarTAC. It couldn’t run all the fancy apps you have nowadays, because software like Java had only recently been invented, and Intel was only just then releasing a 200 MHz Pentium chip, which probably isn’t even capable of running my washing machine at home. It likely felt like the stone ages, because Hotmail was just getting started. Although these facts might cause some of the Millenials in the audience to cringe and squirm, at least back then we had the Nintendo 64, bringing with it plenty of glorious hours of yelling and swearing at the guy next to you who bumped you off with a red shell in Mario Kart.

Yes, a lot was different back then. But many of these differences became the familiar stories of today. For example, Deep Blue, an IBM super computer, beat Gary Kasparov at chess, and succeeding models of IBM’s super computers would go on to win Jeopardy and even outperform doctors at analyzing medical anomalies and diseases. Iraq was then negotiating a settlement with the United Nations to sell oil on the auspices of humanitarian assistance, which would later be revealed to be front to purchase weapons and bankroll terrorism. Taliban forces in Afghanistan captured the city of Kabul and established a radical terrorist government, one that would eventually be toppled years later by an American-lead coalition. And a then relatively unknown person, Osama bin Laden, would make his now-famous statement titled “A declaration of Jihad against the Americans occupying the land of the two holy Mosques.”

This was the nation Petty Officer X swore to defend. It is too easy to look at recent events and our surroundings and assume it has always been this way. We take for granted the freedoms we enjoy today: freedom to speak our minds, work where we are passionate, hold religious beliefs and lead a lifestyle of our choosing. We often forget that this freedom can so easily be lost, can so easily be taken away by men and women that desire only to control and oppress others. It takes courage to stand up and defend these freedoms, even more so to volunteer to defend them when crisis is not imminent.

Petty Officer X had that courage, and still does today, 20 years later. He volunteered at a time when the military wasn’t popular, and definitely wasn’t paid as well as it is now. He volunteered and eventually lead his fellow Sailors to achieve great things on behalf of this nation, things that in many cases will never be revealed to the public, which is the way it should be.

Today, after we ring our shipmate ashore for the last time, I want you to go home and be thankful. Be thankful for the great nation we live in. Be thankful that for the last twenty years, Petty Officer X has stood the watch, keeping our nation safe so that others may rest easy. Be thankful that Petty Officer X has trained others to stand the watch so that he may now rest his oars.

There are many things amazing about the left/democrat/media’s full court press against this administration.

The disregard for their reputation with half of the population, the willingness to throw out anything resembling journalistic standards, the determined effort to legitimize and downplay violence against anyone who dares question them.

But the most amazing thing about what I’ve seen so far has been the complete willingness of establishment GOP types to go along with and aid and abet their enemies in the press in this effort.

Forgotten are all the tactics used by this same left to marginalize them, ignored are the loaded questions they faced when questioned about any subject, minimized is the history of carrying water for their opponents at every opportunity and discarded is any recollection of the lengths these same leftists in the press went in order to bring them down in the past.

All of it pushed out of their minds, not to be acknowledged in the hopes of bringing down the presidency of Donald Trump.

Even more amazing is their smug dismissal of those unwilling to go along with their agenda as if those of us who remember who have not forgotten that the left and the press have been the enemy for decades are less noble than them.

It’s reached a point where reason is not going to convince them otherwise so let me ask the question that all my posts of this week have been leading to, the question that while obvious to me and many others simply doesn’t seem to occur to these so called “conservatives”.

One you’ve established this standard of behavior as acceptable against a duly elected GOP president, what makes you think, given that this same left portrayed Mitt Romney as a racist, bigot, sexist, gay hating warmonger who wanted to see people die, that the left/Democrats/media won’t use these very same tactics against you the moment Trump has been eliminated?

And secondly, having seen your willingness to go along with said tactics to thwart the choice of the electorate, what makes any of you think that once these leftists/Democrats/Media types turn on you that the rest of us are going to lift a finger to defend you at that time?

There is a reason why the GOP is called the stupid party.