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by baldilocks

Right now, I’m reading Nancy Isenberg’s White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America. (Actually, I’m listening to it, via an audiobook copy checked out from the Los Angeles Public Library. As I’ve said many times before, audiobooks allow multitasking—driving, riding, working out, cleaning the house, etc.) Since I’m only at the end of Chapter One, this won’t be a review, but I can’t help but put down a few thoughts. These initial observations may read as critique against capitalism or Western Civilization, but that’s not my intention. All civilizations have flaws–most much worse than ours.

Isenberg outlines the British concept of “trash people”–meaning the poor—and how the British upper crust desired to use that population for its own ends with respect to the colonies. Of course, we all know that class divisions have existed and still exist in Western civilizations, but reading about the planning and the implementation of these endeavors bids comparison to how the present-day American “upper crust” uses the poor and the not-so-poor. Back then, control of the poor to the end of making profit, was far more overt than it is today, which makes today’s efforts far more effective—as is so for all hidden agendas.

From what I can tell, there has always been a set-apart group in European countries and their colonies: an indentured/enslaved caste—whether the bondage is formal or not. Sometimes, it’s the natives of a conquered land. Other times, it’s a forcibly imported group, such as African slaves, the British underclass, or the Irish. Today–in America at least–it’s primarily those of Mexican descent.

The interesting thing about this history is that it proves the axiom that there’s nothing new under the sun. And, though the tactics have changed, the goal remains the same: control.

But, back in the heyday of the British Empire, the elite just wanted to control your body and couldn’t care less about your mind…

More to come.

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Summary:  You shall know the truth and it will set you free, from life.

Plot:  The Still blind Doctor is visited by representatives of the Vatican (On the recommendation of a Pope from 1000 years ago) concerning an urgent matter.
A document in a lost language called the Veritas has once again been translated and every person who reads it commits suicide. At the personal request of the Pope the Doctor asked to come to the Vatican archive of heritical books and read the Veritas, what does it say? Can the Doctor read it and live, and what does Missy’s Apparent execution on a distant planet at the hands of the Doctor have to do with it all?

Writing:   After a season memorable for unmemorable stories Stephen Moffett reminds us all that when he’s capable of. The story is a masterpiece, completely engaging, excellent plot, excellent story and as the first part of the three part story promises more to come. While he takes some liberties with the history of the church he does so without disrespecting the institution as well. This episode is simply Doctor Who at its best.

Acting:  &nbsp: This episode shows what can happen when you pair the fine acting that we’ve seen this season with a script worthy of the performances. Every single person here shines from regulars Capaldi, Lucas and Mackie to semi regulars like Michelle Gomez to the entire supporting cast particularly Corrado Invernizzi as Cardinal Angelo. Brilliant jobs all around

Memorable Moments:  I’m dying here, why didn’t the pope come, confession, you’re all going to hell. The scene with Bill, her date and the Pope walking in on them just as she’s explaining that she has nothing to feel guilty about is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Doctor Who Flashbacks: the Doctor at the Master’s execution (7th Doctor Doctor Who movie) I deny this reality (The Deadly Assassin 4th Doctor) I’ll turn good vs I haven’t turned Good (Capaldi The Magicians apprentice ) unreal things feeling pain. Big Finish Flashback to the 6th Doctor Frobisher adventure The Holy Terror

Oddities: Several rewrites on history concerning Pope Benedict the IX (and didn’t that picture look like Missy?) plus why didn’t the TARDIS translate the Pope’s speech to Bill?  (ther is a logical reason but can’t specify it because it is a spoiler to the plot resolution.

Pet Peeves: One thing: The writers had no problem re-writing Catholic history for the sake of the plot and changing the gender and rehabiliting one of the worst Pope’s in history, They would never dare to this with Islam but to Catholicism, no problem.

Great Quote(s) Just too many to list them all so I’ll settle for five via chakoteya.net transcripts

Bill: Alone at last. [Sound of TARDIS in Bedroom]
Penny:   Oh God, what was that?
Bill: The pipes. It’s, it’s the, the pipes in, in my bedroom. Be warned. Sometimes I shout at them.
Penny:  What?
Bill:  Are you okay?
Penny:  Yeah. Sorry, I’m just not quite used to all of this.
Bill:  Well, whatever this is, and actually it’s not anything yet, it is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. Okay?
Penny:  Okay.
Pope Francis:  [Enters]  <speech in Italian basically asking how he got here from the Vatican> [re-enters the bedroom]
Penny:  That was the Pope! Bill, that was the Pope!
Bill: Yeah, yeah, give me a minute. I am about to have a truly awesome word with someone.


Cardinal Angelo:   Pope Benedict said that you were more in need of confession than any man breathing. But when the offer was made, you replied it would take too much time. On behalf of the Catholic Church, the offer stands. You seem like a man with regret on his mind.

Rafando: The executioner may now discuss his immortal soul and any peril thereunto.
The Doctor:  I never sent for you.
Hooded Figure:  Goodness is not goodness that seeks advantage. Good is good in the final hour, in the deepest pit without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis. This is what he believes, and this is the reason above all, I love him. My husband. My madman in a box. My Doctor. [Reading from River Song’s Diary then takes down his cowl to reval himself as Nardole)
Nardole: Your missus wouldn’t approve.
The Doctor:  How the hell did you get here?
Nardole: Followed you from Darillium, on the explicit orders of your late wife, River Song. Warning, I have full permission to kick your arse.


Nardole:  Uh-uh-uh, Bill. You’re to walk behind me now, like the Doctor said.
Bill:  Yeah, totally not happening.
Nardole:  Okay, Bill. Miss Potts.  [voice suddenly low] I am the only person you have ever met, or ever will meet, who is officially licensed to kick the Doctor’s arse. I will happily do the same to you, in the event that you do not align yourself with any instructions I have issued which I personally judge to be in the best interests of your safety and survival.  [suddenly voice back to normal]  Okay, Bill?
Bill:  Okay.
Nardole:   Good-o!
Bill:   Nardole, are you secretly a badass?
Nardole:   Nothing secret about it, baby doll.

The Doctor:  I know. So did I. The trouble is, when simulants develop enough independent intelligence to realize what they are, there’s a risk they’ll rebel. Those deaths, they weren’t suicide. Those were people escaping. It’s like, er, Super Mario figuring out what’s going on, deleting himself from the game because he’s sick of dying.
Bill: No, I’m real. I feel real!
The Doctor:  Those pretend people you shoot at in computer games. Now you know.
Bill:  Know what?
The Doctor:  They think they’re real. They feel it. We feel it.

Final Verdict: 5 stars If this one is this good I can’t wait for parts two and three.

Ranking of Season: 1st of 6 This episode make the rest of a mediocre season look even more pathetic by comparison.

1st Extremis
2nd Knock Knock
3rd Oxygen
4td Thin Ice
5th Smile
6th The Pilot

Top 10 Ranking in the Capaldi Era: 4th.  I really had to think if this was better than the Caretaker but frankly if you had them change places it would not be an unreasonable choice.  However I give the Caretaker the nod because it’s a stand alone story vs multi part.

1st The Husbands of River Song
2nd. Last Christmas
3rd. The Caretaker
4th  Extremis
5th. The Return of Doctor Mysterio
6th. The Girl who Died
7th. The Witch’s Familiar
8th. Hell Bent
9th. Mummy on the Orient Express
10th. Face the Raven

President Trump told Philippine President Duterte that there were two nuclear submarines ready to respond to North Korea…and you would have thought the world ended on social media. After making the mistake of engaging on this subject on Facebook, I figured I’d break it down here for everyone.

NO, the presence of nuclear submarines near Korea isn’t classified. It would be impractical to do so, since we announce when they pull into port. The unnamed Pentagon officials (if they even exist) are completely wrong, because we do talk about submarines, in the countless Sailor evaluations and fitness reports, unit awards and in unclassified documents submitted to Congress to justify continued funding of the submarine program.

And even if it was classified, the President can decide to declassify that information. All previous Presidents have done so, including President Obama. It’s part of their job description, check out Executive Order 13526 when you get a chance. Us in the military don’t always like it, but it’s not our job to decide that. The overwhelming majority of military members are derivative classifiers, meaning we classify things according to rules handed down by others. It also means we can’t declassify most things on our own, and the constant “leaking” of information by “unnamed” officials is a far bigger problem than the President’s comments.

How is this different from what Secretary Clinton did? Easy. She wasn’t declassifying anything. She was transmitting classified information via unsecure means, and doing so intentionally. Considering the level of information she sent, that will have far larger consequences than anything President Trump has talked about so far.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other federal agency. Unlike “unnamed officials” from those agencies, I actually use references.

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Lt. Seymour Head of the Court: You’ve heard Captain Vere’s account. Is it or is it not as he has said?
Billy Budd: Captain Vere speaks the truth. It’s just as Captain Vere says. But it is not as the master-at-arms said. I’ve eaten the king’s bread and I’m true to him.
Captain Vere: I believe you, boy.
Billy Budd:  God knows, I’m…Thank you, sir.
Lt. Seymour Head of the Court: Was there malice……between you and the master-at-arms?
Billy Budd: I bore no malice against the master-at-arms. I’m sorry that he’s dead. I did not mean to kill him. If I’d have found my tongue, I would not have struck him. [angry] But he lied foully to my face, and I had…Well, I had to say something. I could only say it with a blow.

Billy Budd 1962

If there has been one constant in the media’s coverage of Islamic Terror attacks, no matter how horrible or bloody, it’s been the “why do they hate us” meme. Over and over we have heard pundits, reports and those the media choose to elevate insist that while the individual act was wrong we must understand the underlying causes behind them, look at ourselves in the west and see how we have provoked these reactions and ask the question: “Why do they hate us”

This usually begins while the blood is still on the group and escalates from that point. It doesn’t matter how many die, how often it happens or even if kids are involved, the proper reaction is apparently to reach out to those who have wronged us and find out what we can do to make them like us better.

And that brings us to the special Election in Montana.

When I initially heard of the “bodyslaming” story in Montana I found myself rather suspicious of the story because of the lack (unlike the assault by a sitting Democrat congressman on a student reporter that didn’t generate any outrage at all in the press) of video These days there are trackers following candidates anywhere and in a race like this I presumed if there had been an assault of some type somebody anyone with a smart phone would have had it running.

And of course there was the obvious question as Ann Althouse noted of setup and changing stories of a witness.

But my gut, and the reaction I got from people at a Trump rally when wearing my press badge, told me that the media was so despised and distrusted these days that despite newspapers and members of the GOP running for the hills this story would help rather than hurt the candidate and sure enough:

Even Chuck Todd was not buying the excuses of the DNC as Hotair noted.

But more interesting than any of this at least to me is the contrast to the media’s Islamic Terror Mantra

Think about it, the media is so hated by a group of voters, apparently a majority, that a physical assault on one of them draws cheers and wins elections.

Did pundits, reporters and those the media consider this a “lone wolf” attacks?
Did they refuse to blame an entire party or president for actions they did not know or support?
Did pundits and press state while the individual act was wrong we must understand the underlying causes behind them?
Did they suggest they should look at themselves and see if anything was done to provoke these feelings?
Did they consider asking the question “Why do they hate us” even once?

Nope, no introspection, no soul searching,  this is a republican, and therefore the only possible reaction to this is outrage, outrage outrage 

Now to be fair unless the reporter said something about his mother or grandmother (which is the only situation where I gave my sons permission to swing first in school) assaulting someone, even a reporter is wrong and unjustified and it’s proper that he both show contrition (which he has) and be charged (which he was).

But having stated that for the record perhaps the members of the old media can explain to us in the new why violent and even fatal attacks on people and property require the group targeted for attack to look at themselves and ask “why do they hate us” while the only proper response by the media to Montana is exactly the opposite?

I suggest not holding one’s breath for an answer.

Exit Question:  Given that the left’s standard concerning justifying political violence:

  1.  Nazi’s should always be punched
  2. Our opponents are Nazis
  3. We are justified punching them possible.

Might now be used by the right, how long will it take for said standard to be no longer acceptable or justifiable by the same press that until now has had a nuanced approach to this on the subject?

And remember the standard isn’t if someone is an actual Nazi, the standard is does the person throwing the punch  consider them one.

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