I was away for the weekend and spent very little time paying any attention to the news.

Which is a good thing, since when I got home and turned on the news there was the Kathy Griffin jihadist photo story hogging the news cycle.

Griffin was singing a different tune a few years ago:

Attention whoring pays off. Yes, I firmly believe the woman will do anything for attention and will continue to do so.

During the weekend I stayed in Orlando near SeaWorld.

SeaWorld was in the news years ago when one of the whales killed its trainer, after which the park replaced the orca shows with an educational show in San Diego and other new attractions in Orlando, but you can still ride the Kraken.

Since the hotel is in the middle of the amusement park area, there were dozens of little kids (middle school age and younger) all over the place at all times, especially by the swimming pool.

The bartender at the pool is a very nice lady from Scotland named Janie. We talked about how you still have enough sunlight (when it’s sunny) to read the newspaper outdoors at eleven at night in Edinburgh in the middle of the summer, while zillions of kids swarmed around us and ran under the swimming pool’s orca fountain.

You can stay away from the headlines but sometimes the headlines stay with you:

There was a large contingent of Venezuelans staying at the hotel. Entire families, who had purchased hotel and amusement park packages, costing thousands of dollars. The dissonance between this and the country’s situation was jarring, not only to me but also to my travel companions.

Even more jarring was the news that Goldman Sachs has essentially bailed out Venezuela’s communist dictatorship to the tune of US$2.8 billion.

It’s enough to make you wonder how much of that money will go for SeaWorld vacations.


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I’m sure very few people were actually at Kathy Griffin attempt at attention via the Trump beheading photo shoot.  After all it’s the logical conclusion of the continual attacks since November and the media narrative that the election of Trump is the greatest crisis the nation has ever faced.

Since nobody would notice Kathy Griffin under normal circumstances it is natural that both her and the folks setting up the photo shoot would use such a method to get her out there and generate clicks and views

Furthermore as demonstrated by the campus left there there are plenty of folks for whom this type of thing is only going to make her more popular.  You can make a good living out of that niche market.  I can see the campus leftist’s now:  Of Course Suggesting Beheading the President is OK, He’s Hitler you know.  

What might surprise some are  prominent members of the left from Chelsea Clinton to Keith Olbermann falling over themselves to denounce her actions.  You might think this is just virtue signaling but no, their reactions are very calculated.

Consider, the left has just lost another special election in Montana and GA 6 election is coming up in a few weeks.

How would the left like to see Karen Handel running ads linking her Democrat opponent to Kathy Griffin, perhaps using the CNN segment of Molly Ball of the Atlantic dismissing it to show the MSM’s indifference to this kind of thing?

Given the reaction of voters in Montana the last thing the press wants is to give normal Americans already dismissing them as fiction another reason to tune them out.

Of course a campaign on that is on the ball would already have an add out linking Griffin and Ball to Jon Ossoff and demanding he denounce them.  If he fails to then it can be played up, if he does then I’m sure that might lose him some fans with the more fanatical Trump haters that the left needs to turn out.  The Handel campaign or one of the PACS supporting her should get on this at once.

And after they do then can send a card to Kathy noting how kind it was of her to give such a gift to their election effort.

Update:  DaTechGuy gets results

A Republican Super PAC has found a new way to target Democratic candidates: Kathy Griffin.

A new ad uses the controversial comedian to criticize Democrat Jon Ossoff, saying her recent controversial actions are part of a pattern of behavior from “liberal extremists” who now support the House candidate running in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

Via Ed Driscoll at Insty