Back from Orlando

I was away for the weekend and spent very little time paying any attention to the news.

Which is a good thing, since when I got home and turned on the news there was the Kathy Griffin jihadist photo story hogging the news cycle.

Griffin was singing a different tune a few years ago:

Attention whoring pays off. Yes, I firmly believe the woman will do anything for attention and will continue to do so.

During the weekend I stayed in Orlando near SeaWorld.

SeaWorld was in the news years ago when one of the whales killed its trainer, after which the park replaced the orca shows with an educational show in San Diego and other new attractions in Orlando, but you can still ride the Kraken.

Since the hotel is in the middle of the amusement park area, there were dozens of little kids (middle school age and younger) all over the place at all times, especially by the swimming pool.

The bartender at the pool is a very nice lady from Scotland named Janie. We talked about how you still have enough sunlight (when it’s sunny) to read the newspaper outdoors at eleven at night in Edinburgh in the middle of the summer, while zillions of kids swarmed around us and ran under the swimming pool’s orca fountain.

You can stay away from the headlines but sometimes the headlines stay with you:

There was a large contingent of Venezuelans staying at the hotel. Entire families, who had purchased hotel and amusement park packages, costing thousands of dollars. The dissonance between this and the country’s situation was jarring, not only to me but also to my travel companions.

Even more jarring was the news that Goldman Sachs has essentially bailed out Venezuela’s communist dictatorship to the tune of US$2.8 billion.

It’s enough to make you wonder how much of that money will go for SeaWorld vacations.


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