Almost Too Much Schadenfreude

There is never a dull moment in the America that has Donald J. Trump as its President. While My Donald is busy doing his job, sourpuss kooks continue to lose their collectivist minds, and even if he did nothing else for the next four years, that alone would be almost too much winning. Almost. Here is a … Continue reading Almost Too Much Schadenfreude

Hillary: All this, and Macedonians, too

Hillary Clinton went on a tear yesterday blaming everything and everybody for her 2016 presidential campaign failure. Hillary brought up Macedonians not once, but thrice in her rant. Mr. Spock and Aristotle were not present in her logic as she droned to interviewers Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, "And I have a lot of sympathy … Continue reading Hillary: All this, and Macedonians, too

Scott Adams almost nails it on Griffin

I was going to be done with the Griffin story but Scott Adams, a friend of hers, makes an important point worth repeating The takeaway here should not be so much about Griffin. The takeaway is that a room full of people involved in the photoshoot did not see this as a huge problem from … Continue reading Scott Adams almost nails it on Griffin